I will lead you. The body is meant to take care of itself – leaders, workers, needy ones. I give gifts and grace to people to take care of My body. My Spirit is at work. I am at work. I don’t leave My people to be alone. I bring them together to support one another. You are a part of My body.

Keep seeking Me for answers and wisdom. My Spirit is speaking to you. You are learning to recognize His quiet voice. You have much to give from what you have learned from My Word. Be generous and available.


I am with you to guide you. Keep your eyes open to be aware of opportunities that I will bring. Be alert and diligent. What I am doing will come to light. Can you pray for others? Can you really pray as if they were your own family?


Open your eyes to the world around you. Many are struggling. Most are living the lie about Me. They know I exist, but they deny Me and pretend that is fine. There are some who lived in a normal family with both parents and some love displayed. But that is rare today. Divorce has taken its toll. Children are neglected and some abused. Children live confused lives with no guidance and discipline. Decide for yourselves is not the answer. How can they believe in a loving Father God?

Children are told in school to ignore the faith and values of their parents. Decide for yourselves what you believe. The enemy is scooping them up with his lies. The rebellion of a teenager is encouraged. Peers have the answer, not older people. Experimentation is rampant, and many are caught up in drugs and sex they can’t handle. This scars them for life, until they wake up.

I am reaching out to these people always with many attempts of witness, love and truth. Will they turn to Me in their times of hurt? Pray for them. Take authority over the lies they are fed. Not just for your children, but those all around you.

Wake up, God is the answer for your problems of sin and emptiness. Prodigals are everywhere. More have never heard the truth about Me.

Make yourself available to bring the answers people need. Point them to Me and the promises I give. I can handle their situation. Their focus is on the wrong things.


I will break forth before the dawn, light shines in the darkness, overcoming, rooting out evil. I will reign on My throne forevermore. Peoples will bow before Me. I will judge them in My righteousness and truth. I will show mercy on those deserving mercy. I will silence the evil tongue. My littles ones will go forth in peace and safety. They will sing joyfully.

When will that happen? Soon you will see. Will I find faith on the earth? There will be more calamities and suffering, shortages. Because of this, people will be callous and greedy over resources. Will My people be like them, or will they be generous with their neighbor, trusting Me as their supply? Sacrifice and offerings will mean little, if hearts are cold. Prepare your hearts. Allow freedom for My Spirit to work in you. Though the outward is wasting away, the inside is shining My light. Is that what you want? It is My desire.

Create in me a clean heart. Keep me devoted in purity to You, O Lord. Wash away my sins. Cover me with Your righteousness. I need You Lord.


This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice in it. Expect Me to do great things today and always. I am at work in you for good. I watch over you to bring prosperity and life. I will be glorified in My people.

I can restore and heal people and relationships. Humility is the key, and faith. Call upon Me in your need.


Let a man be tested by his words, which come from the inner man, his being. I will examine him.

No one is Holy, but Me. No one is righteous in himself. All fall short. Purity of heart is rare. Devotion, likewise, though a mother lovingly cares for her children. I give My grace so that you can love as I have loved you. I want you to take on the character of My Son, to live like Him. He was My Representative and more. He lived to please Me in everything. He was obedient. He had My Spirit and now you have Him too.


Lean on Me. Bring your issues before Me. Large or small, why should you carry them? Pray and release them to Me. Lift up your eyes to the hills, where your help comes from.

See how important language is for the gospel to be translated? It brings life and hope. Spoken, word picture, written – these open hearts. Glasses help too. Love is shown with provision to meet needs.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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