The pathway to sin leads to death. At first it might be just a little compromise of values. Then when nothing happens, more ways to sin open up. At some point full rebellion comes as you leave those who care about you. Freedom becomes slavery to sin. Other sinners are there to help you spend your money to share in your rebellion, for they did that too before. When the money runs out, you become a criminal stealing from others to get by. There are opportunities to wake up, as morning hangovers and losses occur, when people take advantage of you, when you spend the night on the street in fear and cold. But then you can’t go back home, so you turn to friends for help. But they too get tired of helping you.

By My grace I keep you on the path to Life. You don’t stray too far or too long. Soon you embrace the path, knowing that it is the best way. I reward the pure at heart, always seeking Me. I protect you in ways you do not know. I lead you home to be with Me forever.


It’s not that you have to fight, for the battle has already been won. You just claim in My Name what is yours. The more you speak into the spiritual world the truth, the greater the blessings you will see. Again it is what I have done is for you to claim and to stand on.


Much is said about forgiveness in My Word, forgiveness of sin. Why does sin have to be forgiven? Without forgiveness there must be punishment appropriate to the sin. Sin always hurts others, and offends a holy God. Jesus paid the price for your sin, to cover it with His righteousness. No one is righteous because of Adam’s sin, his disobedience. No one is good in himself.

Live by the leading of My Spirit and you will not give in to the lusts of your flesh in sin. My character and holiness will come out of you if you are in My Spirit, anointed by Him for good deeds and in building up My kingdom. Your fruit will be pleasing and good. Others will notice and give Me praise and thanks.

I will surprise you with what I reveal, not to tickle your ears, but to show how big I am. This is My world. I will establish My kingdom and rule once again. Turn away from this world for it is fading away. It is not forever. You are forever in Me. My promises are sure. They will come to pass. Believe in Me. Live in obedience to what I reveal and what My Spirit shows you.

Nicodemus was a man who was seeking the truth. I stood as Truth before him, and he had a hard time accepting My words. Yet I touched his heart and he believed. Many have come after him, starting out religious, but seeking. I can transform them with My revelation.


Come and see what I can do. What is your need? Is there anyone among you who is sick? Are you tired? Do you want more of My Spirit? Do you sense My presence? What is your need? You pray for others; do you pray for yourself?

There is unity within the Trinity – Father, Son, Spirit. There is unity within those who believe in Me who live in love and grace and truth. I know who are Mine. I died for all who would believe, but sadly some reject Me and refuse to accept My salvation.


Life is easier now. No daily threat of violence and death. No poor living conditions, lacking food and water. Yes, there are some people suffering lack and facing harm. But you have nothing to fear.

How grateful are you? Do you think about what My Son did for you on the cross? How grateful are you? Do you grumble and complain about inconveniences, delays, corruption and sin in government? Other people face these things in much greater measure, without freedom and opportunity. They despair and lose hope often about their condition.

Does a little pain bother you? Are you facing death because of health issues, without hope of medical help? You look at the youth, and they seem unaware of others in need. They seem so selfish and focused on themselves. They despair over their future. They believe the lies of this world, rejecting the faith and values of parents and elders.

What really moves you? Are you callous or indifferent about others in need? Do you pretend not to see and know about others in need? You have written off the homeless in your heart, blaming them for their choices. Is that fair or compassionate? You hide behind your gates and walls. You have everything you need. You are starting to realize the struggle of those coming into your country. Yet you complain about what is given them by those trying to help. Is that fair or compassionate? You give some money and that eases your conscience. Don’t look at others like yourself to compare and justify yourself. What would My Son do? What did He do?

Allow My Spirit to guide you. Allow Me to change your heart.

You will be blessed as you give yourself to others. Pay attention to their needs, not who they are.


I am in charge of your life. I have been so from your beginning. The more you submit to Me, the easier it is to lead you on My path of righteousness and life. Follow Me.

Be gracious and winsome. Reflect My Light. Display My fruit, mostly love.


Don’t worry about tomorrow, for I will take care of you. I know the future as well as the present. I don’t need to tell you a lot about the future, if you trust Me. I’d rather you keep coming to Me. Is your faith strong enough to trust Me for your life? Abram trusted Me and obeyed My command and direction.  

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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