Can I not save those I love? Yes, I will love them with My kindness and goodness. The world hates what is opposed to it. I came to My own and they didn’t know Me or accept Me. By My grace some believed. The world is becoming upside down in its beliefs. They will crumble under the weight of stupidity.

Seek Me and you will find Me. I am not far away. I am with you to work for you and for My kingdom. You have made a statement of your faith in Me. They now must decide if that is real.


Prepare the way. Remove the obstacles. Fill in the holes. Lay down your garments before the King who is coming. Prepare your heart. Remove the distracting clutter. Tune your spirit to My Spirit. Devote time to be with Me in abiding. His coming, though important, will be just a continuation of your abiding. He will be strong against those in the world, but tender to those who are His. Every eye will see, every knee will bow, every tongue confess that He is Lord of all. Gone are the lies and excuses. Truth will be known throughout the land. His grace will cover the earth like a heavy dew. The lame will walk, and the blind will see. Sickness and disease will be banished. And He will reign.

I am coming when no one is looking, but it will known by all when I come. The enemy’s warriors will fight, but to no avail. No contest. Pray for those who are lost. Their time is short. Love those you can, even your enemies. Love can break the chains of darkness.


I am Lord of all. Evil and sin enslaves people to do very bad things against others. I came to set them free. Pray and deliver them from the enemy’s hands. Pray to expose the chains of darkness. Poverty and hunger will drive people to do what they do not want to do.


Today you will see My glory. It will not look like what you expect. It will be in the faces of those who love you for what you are doing to help them. I have given you much grace to accomplish My purposes. You have been willing to do what I have asked of you. Love and kindness bring rewards here and later.

Be a man of honor and integrity. People will notice. Your family notices. You might have said too much, but you have said enough to bring them to a place of decision. Your faith in Me is evident. My presence in you is evident. Now My Spirit is at work. You are not perfect, and you are aware of this. But no one is. I can use imperfect people who believe in Me.


Live for Me and I will turn on your life in ways you can not imagine. Each day will hold more than you can do, yet it will fulfill you completely with love, as you give away love in serving others.

Can you be patient in prayer? I am at work in response to your prayers, but much has to be done to bring about the answer. Keep reminding Me and believing Me.

There is a quiet time, to be spent with Me, before the hurriedness of the day comes. In the quiet you can hear from Me. Even now when you shut out the clamor of the world, I am here. Believe in Me, trust in Me, follow Me – this is the pathway to life. Nothing else matters. I will lead you as is best.


Prepare the way. The King is near. Warn those outside. Wake up those inside. Put on fine clothes suitable for a celebration. Be doing your assignment in the kingdom. Pray. Believe. Expect.


Are you ready? Let My Spirit guide you into truth. As you read and study My Word, I will reveal Myself to you. Make is a quest to find Me.

The wages of sin is death. They don’t see this until they are too deeply enslaved. It’s very hard to escape. Only through the intercession of others can the chains be broken. Do this for those you love. The father was praying for his lost son. You are praying. Don’t lose heart. There will be breakthrough.

Keep praying and lifting up others, Expose them to the Light. Break off the darkness.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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