Be at peace. Keep seeking the truth that is in My Word. Today you can find all the revelation you are seeking. See, how little of news is necessary to hear. Stories are repeated for viewers with little added that is new. It’s just repackaged. Even if someone important makes a statement, it takes time for anything to be done about it.

There are plenty of crime stories to arouse fear or to make a political point. Who really is paying attention? Sadly, many are being hurt as evil spreads. Will they call upon Me? I am waiting and ready. Wars and fighting continue, but not to bring victory, just to terrorize. For most people, life goes on with it’s routine. My gospel is being proclaimed and responded to by many. Keep praying for the lost and oppressed. The fields are ripe for harvest. What did My Son focus on?


Pain can be temporary or long term. Pain of the heart needs My healing to bring out forgiveness and relief. We can be very good and stuffing our emotional pain. But the hurt remains and festers causing much damage. The sooner these things are dealt with, the sooner liberty is found. I am the Healer. Give Me your hurts. Begin to praise Me. I will bring life, healing and joy.

There is a path to truth. It starts with seeking Me. It reads and studies My Word for truth. I am truth and knowledge and wisdom. You need all these things to live successfully in My kingdom. Stay on the path. Don’t pursue false gods from this world. Don’t listen to their lies. My truth will stand. It has peace.

Seek Me and you find Me. Search after Me with all your heart, soul and body. You know where I reside. Seek Me in faith believing. The world’s way is not My way. I won’t be found in the world.


Let Me carry this burden.

I am with you. Keep trusting Me.


Pray. Seek. Live. Pray and intercede for the lost – people you know and people you don’t know. Ask Me to rescue them. Ask Me to help them see into My world. Associate with them in their situation. Seek Me to know and understand who I AM. Yes, there is power in My Name. My Name gives you standing before Me. My Son knew Me intimately and showed people who I was by His life in words and in deeds. Live before Me and man, as someone who knows Me and serves Me, as My Spirit is leading you. This comes through abiding with Me. You are doing that now as you seek to understand what I am saying to you.


The wisdom of your world will always fall short. My ways are higher. What is in a man, do you know? Can you trace his thoughts? I give man free will, yet I control the events that matter. Authority and power are in My hands. When I come, I will set things right according to My will and plan. Every person will give an account for their lives, whether for good or evil. But it’s not about works, it’s about My Son. He knows who are His. He knows. Do not count on yourself. Rather, rely upon Me and submit to Me. I will sustain you and prosper you in My ways.


I am with you to prosper you and give you health and life forever in My Name. You are influencing them.

I am working on your behalf. Is that what you want? It is better if I do what you cannot do. My way is better. You will see the fruit of your life.


Today you will see wonderful things. Pray and lay hold of My promises for salvation and life. My Word contains all the life you need to live in the fulness of why I created you. People have not changed much, and cultures may vary. My salvation is for all who call upon Me. You responded in your need. Others too respond and believe in Me to satisfy their need. I am the hope of the world. I bring comfort and healing today, and a future for tomorrow. All who come to Me, will find their hopes met. Pray for them. Bring them to Me in the Spirit.

These words are not for you alone. Share them as My Spirit leads you. You know the way. Others need to find the way.

Keep saturating your mind with My Word. Devote significant time in doing this. You will be rewarded in your spirit, mind and body. Books about My Word are good, but not as good as My Word.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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