I will come when no one expects. Yes, some even now want Me to come to bring justice to this world. I wait for the Father, and He knows when I will come back. I want all to respond to the gospel and be saved. Do you want this? Then proclaim it to those you encounter. The day of salvation is now, today. People are hungry for the truth of My Word. They don’t know Me or understand My ways, but you do. Share what you know. Don’t hold back. I will bring people to you. My Spirit will prompt you to speak. Show concern for them.

I am with you always, watching over you to give you success in doing My kingdom work. Live for Me today. Live in the power of My Son, who relied on My Spirit.

There is life in My Name. I am salvation and deliverance and healing. In Me is fulfillment and joy.


Greed will cause a man to do foolish things to gain a little more. His focus is on what he has. Don’t be like him. At times you were like that as you were too much preoccupied by money. I have been changing you to focus on Me as your provider. Don’t go back. Stay with Me.

You will age well because of My Spirit in you. Don’t fear about the future. I have everything that affects you under control.

There are noises out there to try to distract you from hearing Me. Block them out. Keep your spirit pure with My Word. Dwell on Me. Seek Me.


Will you have the faith in Me to proclaim what I tell you? You seem to believe Me when I speak freely and rapidly. I know you are thinking about My Word at times when I say something new and different. This is good. My Spirit will bear witness to what He says to you. Should I give you scripture to support what I say to you? Be prepared to hear new things that will challenge you. My Son spoke in parables. Will that style work for you? Ask Me to explain what I say to you. I am the source for truth and wisdom.

I spoke many things to the prophets of old that didn’t make sense to them. They understood only that the meaning would come in its time. Sometimes looking back at those words it is hard to understand, but it made sense to them for what was happening in their day. They were speaking to their leaders what I revealed to them. Some leaders wanted to know what was in My heart for them, and the decisions they had to make. Sadly leaders today care more about what others think, than what I think.

Keep seeking Me and you will learn what I think. I do not change, and I will repeat Myself to make My point. I know you have difficulty remembering what I say. That is why I do repeat words in similar messages to you. Keep reviewing to learn My heart and ways.

Now is the day of My visitation to those I have created. Will they respond? Will they be blind in their sin as those who lived before the flood? The enemy is sowing lies and deception. People will believe what they want to hear. They want a god like them, so they can continue to live as they please. Demons will help them. My Spirit is speaking too to them, always wooing them to the Father. Some will hear and respond. Pray for them. There is power in prayer.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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