Trust Me in this. You are learning through suffering to appreciate the pain that many struggle with. They search for help. They call upon Me with the faith they have. I grow them deeper in relationship with Me. There is evil in the world, and it affects many. Some suffer because of their own poor choices. Others are victims of the evil in others. Many seek answers to questions that have no answers, other than to accept a reality of pain for a time here on this earth. My grace can cover all situations. My power is available. My comfort gives love. My new world will have no pain and evil. Can you look forward to that time?


Someday you will be with Me face to face. We will continue our talks then. I am your comfort, taking away pain and grief. Life is full of hurts and challenges. I am with you to help you overcome all these things. They are temporary, but I am eternal.

This world is fading away. Not really fading, because things will get very dramatic. There will be chaos and fear and panic as calamities of great proportions and scale will occur all over the world. All will be affected, though some will try to hide, using their wealth. My people will shine in contrast to the darkness. I will take care of them to the end.

Can people prepare for this time? Only by turning to Me soon. Nothing in the physical realm will help. Unlike the great flood, this event will be known all over as news will try to cover it. You don’t need to know the details now, except to warn others that it is coming. Evil will seem to abound unrestrained, yet I am in control of these times, to spare those who are Mine.

Rejoice and be glad. Look ahead to the coming of the Lord. He comes with justice and righteousness in His hand. He will make things new. Pray for His coming and pray for those who need Him.


I am holding you in the balance of My hand, controlling the things that are affecting you. I will open doors for you, giving you opportunities you can’t imagine possible. Keep seeking Me and relying on Me. You will be stretched as you respond in faith. Look for these opportunities in the people you meet. Show concern for what is happening with them. Offer to pray. Don’t seek attention to yourself or anything I am doing in you. You and I will keep it between us and that will be enough.

Prepare for the day that I will come. Prepare by praying and fasting for people. Time is running short, and prayer is more important now.


I am here with you to see you through this time of medical work. Patience during a time of trial is learned through experience. I give you the grace you need. Your trial is short compared to others who haven’t seen the end of their troubles. Pray for them with understanding and passion.

The truth may never be known (about COVID) as other diseases spread. What is important is who are you trusting in – man or God. Many have suffered and will suffer for man’s ineffectiveness and corruption. I am the giver of life.

Keep seeking Me for the truth of My Word. Read to understand it, but ask Me what it means for my life. My Word will guide you in uncertain times, which are ahead.


Memories are good if they are about good times. Sadly, some only have bad memories. I have mixed memories about My Son on the cross. It was good for mankind, but hard as a Father. He is glorified again and with Me. His victory over sin and death has changed history and millions of lives for good. Unless a grain of wheat dies, it cannot bear much fruit. You are part of that fruit. Sow seeds of life to those around you.


Your invitation is sweet and gentle. How can I refuse. Speak Lord, I am listening.

The time has come for men to rise up and be men of valor. Not with physical weapons, but spiritual ones capable to tearing down strongholds of the enemy’s forces. I have those weapons for you to use in My Name. Be strong and courageous, for I am with you. This is My battle, but you must engage with your mouth. Speak truth and life. Speak the gospel. Declare what My Word says over situations. You are not alone. I am calling My people.

There is work to do. Keep praying for those you love. Rescue them from darkness and unbelief. Take back what the enemy has stolen. Speak life into them in My Name.

What will it take to get you to submit to Me in everything? Can you die to your self will and let Me take over?


There will come a day when people will seek Me as never before. I will touch the world and fear will rise because of My intervention. Man will have no explanation, though many will offer their ideas. If the sun doesn’t shine for two days, what would you think? People will see its outline as it moves across the sky, but the light and heat will be gone. Likewise the light from the moon will be diminished without light to reflect to those on earth. Then when I turn back on the sun, and it is hotter than before. So much scorching heat that no one can stay outside in it. Air temperatures will dramatically rise. Many things will die from the heat. What is the cause? How can we live with this change?

Did that bring you any peace? Look to My Word for truth and wisdom. I have what you need.

Your truth stands forever. In righteousness there is life and health. The way of the wicked will perish, but the life of a righteous man is preserved.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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