Do not fear, for I am with you. Don’t believe the evil thoughts from the enemy. Believe in Me. Trust in Me. I will take care of you through all this. You are Mine.

The future is bleak for those in the world. They have put their trust in anything and everything but Me. They will be disappointed. Pray for them. Don’t give up on them. I will save many as they call upon Me. Without hope, why live. Many will despair in this way, and give themselves over to drugs and alcohol to numb themselves. Men will turn to pornography. Women will be promiscuous. Be careful. There will be lawlessness. When the prisons get full, they will stop enforcing laws. People will be barbaric, losing respect for life. Keep praying. Politicians will become more corrupted by the power they have, taking advantage of the weak, while claiming to fight for the poor. People will flea from corrupt cities. Guns will be everywhere as people try to protect themselves. Will My people rise up to create safe havens? I am sorry for this generation to live in this time. It has to be before My Son returns.


Who will reign with Me when I come to establish My kingdom on the earth? Will you and those who believe with you in your generation? Will that be “work” or joy as My will is proclaimed? How will My Spirit help Me? Will you advise them or just declare the truth from My Word? You don’t need to know these answers now. Just be doing what I ask of you now in your life.


Don’t be afraid. Dwell your thoughts on Me. Consider My promises and My ways. Know that I am God.


Rejoice with Me for the enemy has been defeated. War against him as needed to set people free. Some people need to learn to keep binding to maintain their freedom. Fill up with My Spirit and watch your faith grow.

Live in the strength I provide. Your body may grow weak, but I am strong. Rely on Me and not on yourself. Pray in the Spirit often to stir up your spirit.


You have turned the corner. Now you will grow in Me as never before. Keep doing the basics, but come and sit will Me often. Quiet yourself and listen for My words. They will flow even like this. Tune into the frequency of My Spirit.

Do not let the events of this world to bother you. Keep your focus on Me. I will take care of you and your family. Yes, there will be chaos, but it will not come near you. Seek Me as in a desert wasteland. I will be your survival and treasure and fountain of joy. Love wisely, but deeply those in your care of influence. Share with trusted friends what I am doing in you. Let them keep you anchored, yet free to be with Me. Reveal the truth as I reveal it to you. Not anything new, but foundational. Love is the foundation. Faith is important too. Faith in the right things, not in a man. Spend more time reflecting on My Word. Dig deep for what it has to offer you.

Yes, keep coming back to the well of living water which never runs dry. I am life. I am the life that you need and desire. Open your heart so that I can love you deeply to change you inside.

I will speak, if you will listen. My cup is full for pouring out to My people. Rejoice with Me in My plan of salvation, rescuing many from their sin.

I will fill you with My Spirit as much as you ask for it. Do not be shy; He is for My people.

Rejoice and be glad for your name is recorded in heaven. I am watching over you. If I know the stars, I know you.


Rejoice in everything, for I will bless you in good times and bad. I want you to be like Me, so I am working to develop you. Your obedience to My commands and will is the key to growth in the knowledge of your salvation. Yes, being like Me is remaining holy and righteous and unstained by evil. This is the way to life in Me. Guard over your mouth, for words are like serpents of evil, if they are not tamed for good. Purify your thoughts with My Word. Learn from My spirit. Let Me be your Teacher and Friend. Is that what you want?


Where are you going? Can you spend some time with Me listening? Do you want more of Me? This is what it takes. Desire on your part and then just being with Me. The wages of sin is death, but the good gift of eternal life is from Me. It is a good gift. It is a lasting gift. This gift is offered many times, but this doesn’t cheapen it. Rather, more can receive and be blessed.

I can bless My people beyond what they deserve. This is My way.  

You are one of many who live for Me. This pleases Me. I want this for all who believe in My Son. My Spirit will teach them and guide them to this truth. You can’t realize the full benefit of being one of My children as long as you hang on to the control of your life. There is freedom in Me coming from submission.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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