Be careful today with your words, not what I have given you, but your own speech before others. People are noticing you because My Spirit is doing His work in you. Be winsome. Listen to what people say.


Refresh, renew, wait upon the Lord. Can you find strength in Me?

Yes, My Word is a place of rest and meditation. I have truth that can comfort and renew a soul. It takes faith to apply it to your life and situation. It will not fail.

Success comes in increments over time. You build upon achievement. You learn more to be able to do more. Even in setbacks, there is learning. The foundation must be sure. The materials strong and reliable. I am the Builder of all. I change hearts. I transform. I join together. Submit your will to Mine and we will achieve much in My kingdom.


Open your eyes to see the beauty of the world I have created for man to live. I made this all so that man would seek after their Creator. I am available with open arms to receive those who seek Me in faith.

Be a blessing in all that you do. Add life to conversations, don’t speak of evil.


Beware of wolves in sheep clothing. Don’t accept what your flesh believes. Ask Me for discernment as to what is truth.

Remarkable. That is the word which will be used to describe what will soon happen. Can you pray for this? I will let you know when it happens. I will be glorified in My people, My body the church. I will declare to the world what I have done through them.


Prepare the way. Plant the seed. I will do the rest. I am the Source of Life. I have the power you need.

Integrity counts especially when doing My will. I notice, but others do not need to know what you do. I am your defender and shield. No weapon formed against you will prosper as you do My will.


Allow Me to work on your behalf. Not so that you will prosper or have a name for yourself, but so that My kingdom will be expanded from the fruit of our efforts together. Your legacy will be the fruit of lives changed by My Spirit.


Live for today, not dwelling on the past. I have taken care of you. I am here with you. What more could you need?

Today has enough problems of its own, why take with you yesterday’s? I am the future and now, what more could you need?

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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