I am with you to prosper you in the things I want you to do. Pay attention to My Spirit. Pray often. I will direct your steps. The righteous one will accomplish much. Not your righteousness, but My righteousness in you. Righteousness is a gift from My Son. He purchased it for you.

Live for Me, to please Me. Have faith in Me, trusting Me to honor My Word, and to take care of you.


Will you let Me to save anyone I choose? I died for all those who would call upon Me. Was your sin less than others?

A small sin is enough to defile My holiness, so it must be dealt with. My grace is sufficient. My love covers many sins. The cross paid it all.


Proclaim the good news. Preach the Word. Testify about what I have done for you. Let My Light shine through you. Live righteously before men. All of these things you should do regularly and naturally. You are My friend who listens to Me, who believes in Me.


I am with you always. Call upon Me. Listen and obey. I will kind and gentle with you. I will lead you with My hand upon you. You are Mine. Why would I let you go astray? No, I will rescue you and bring you back quickly.

To Me it is easy to reveal Myself to those who are seeking a closer relationship. I will satisfy their longing. One small encounter with Me will change your life forever.

What is in a name? Is he known as a man of integrity, a person you can rely on? Is he known as a man of God, loving, and serving faithfully his Creator and Savior?


Lessens can be learned from every hard situation. Let Me teach you. Can you lose everything and still love Me? Can you lose a loved one and still love Me? Can you accept My will, without understanding it by your thinking? Will you intercede for the lost and dying, as if they were your own?

Some things of the past are not important to dwell on. You are new in Christ. Your life is hidden in Me now. I have a future for you. Seek healing and forgiveness. Forgive those who hurt you. Renew your thinking with My Word. Cast off the doubts and lies coming from the enemy. Believe in Me and trust Me for your life. I have you covered.


My kingdom is near, nearer than you could imagine. Everyday people are coming into My kingdom. Their eyes are now open to the truth. They know the real meaning of good and evil. I have revealed Myself to them. They now are Mine, just like you. They are eager to do My will out of gratitude. There is no cost too great to give. They have been set free from the burden of their sins. You were once like them. Your enthusiasm has mellowed into a deep trust.


Look to Me and not to yourself in everything. Is that possible for you? By My grace it is? Do you have faith for this to happen? You are weak; I am strong. You are declining; I am unchanging. You will accomplish more in Me, than by yourself. I will be glorified in you. You will lead, but you will be following Me as I lead you. Teach and give away to others what you learn in Me. This is not new. Many men of old have learned to live in this way. Some had no choice as they were dependent on Me. Others denied themselves and followed Me. As you trust in Me, you will see things that you never dreamed of before. I will reveal Myself to you. You are not special, but your faith will be tested to see this come to pass.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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