I am your Defender and Shield, your Strong Tower. I will not let My people be treated unfairly for My Name’s sake. When David killed Goliath, he was defending My honor and Name. Saul was persecuting My body. Those who are persecuted for being a follower of My Son, shall be blessed.


There is a way to life found only in Me. A man will seek after this life, but not through Me. His efforts lead to failure. He can only find fleeting happiness in this world. He has no hope for the life after death. Don’t be like him. Put your trust in Me. Give Me your life and I will return it anew.


Rejoice and believe in Me. Trust Me with your whole heart, soul, and body. Turn away from unbelief and doubting. Abandon yourself into My arms and care.

Enjoy your children and grandchildren when you can. Life is short. People live and then die. It won’t be like this is heaven. People will live before Me.


Listen and you will hear the voice of My Spirit. He wants to communicate truth and knowledge and wisdom to you. He takes from My Word and gives insight and understanding. Is that what you want? Then seek Me and ask questions.

What is important? For you to love Me and believe in My Son. Don’t trust in yourself, but rely on Me in all things. You need to pray for yourself to gain understanding and wisdom. Humble yourself before Me as a little child , trusting and depending on Me. It will not be hard to do. Develop habits of seeking Me.


It is not for you to know everything, but only what I reveal. My truth and knowledge will satisfy your soul. There is danger in knowing too much about what is evil in people. Just because it is news, that doesn’t make it neutral. Whatever is good, and lovely and worthy of praise, and morally excellent, this is good to focus on.

The world and everything in it. All is Mine. I created it. Even you. Will you submit to Me?

Be gracious. You have something people need. Show kindness. Be friendly and show interest in others. They want to be noticed, at least to know that someone cares about them and what they are going through.


The day has come. Pay attention today. Listen to My Spirit. Pray with My Spirit. Can you trust Me for miracles? What is a miracle, but a divine intervention?

The days ahead will be challenging, but don’t worry for I am with you. Continue to seek Me and I will direct you. Haven’t I been faithful to do this? The more you pay attention to My leading through the Spirit, the easier it will be. Much good can come for you as you learn more about Me in this.

I am looking for those who are seeking Me. This speaks to Me about hunger and need. Many need the salvation I offer, but few seek Me for more. There is a price to receive more; it is faith and perseverance.


Today while there is still time, believe in My Son. He died for you and for all who would believe in Him. It was painful in many ways. Do not take your salvation lightly. Remember the cost. Be grateful. Respond as Jesus would. Live as He lived.

Are you ready for My return? Have you done all I asked of you? This is the time for revival and refreshing. Examine yourself with My Holy Spirit. Turn away from sinful ways and live for Me. Determine to live by faith and walk in faith. Believe and receive. Trust and obey.

Pray for them. Pray a covering of grace over them.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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