Be patient. You are giving wise words from My Word. There will be much turmoil ahead as things unravel when the truth is known. People will wail and complain, because they are losing the position of power they have held. No one likes being told they are wrong. A man’s pride is hard to shake without much pain. He believes his own lies. He says it’s unfair. The truth-teller is challenged and attacked.

I will come and establish My Truth for all to see. No one will be able to stand before Me. I know. A humble spirit will be accepted. Teach me Your ways is the humble way. He gives himself over to examination. He knows he has fallen short, and he calls out for mercy. I will embrace him and love him, like the prodigal. He was not always humble, but he has learned the hard way. Now he is humble before Me.

Yes, I am covering My people, so that their sinfulness is hidden. Did they do anything to get that covering? Yes, they humbled themselves and asked Me for it. They received what I have done for them on the cross. Some have received Me when they were young. So their life has been one of learning in My grace. Others have had to fail in their sinfulness to learn. I am gracious.


I have sacrificed Myself for you. Now you must do the same for others. What is a sacrifice? Dying to self. Lifting up others. Becoming a servant. Be a living sacrifice that continues on.


I have a plan for your life that is very good. It is good for Me and good for you. The more you cooperate with Me and do My will for your life, the more your life is blessed in ways that you could not imagine. There is real satisfaction is doing My will, for that is how I made you. You are not a slave to do only My will, but you are My partner, and we are working together in this wonderful plan. The work I have for you varies over time as you mature in faith. The more you believe in Me and trust Me for your life, the more that I can use you. At times you may be stretched to do hard things, but mostly it will seem natural to you. Even in your everyday life, there will be opportunities to do My will to bless others. Keep your eyes on the people around you, for in them lies the opportunities I seek to use you.


Freedom. No one has freedom. There are always constraints and boundaries in life. Some keep you from harm. Others limit the good you might experience.

I have cared for you all these years, through your loving parents and others who helped you. It was for My purposes that you have come to this place. Bring glory to My Name in your life. Be a living example of a changed life.


I have come, but no one paid attention. I spoke and taught in their places of worship. I showed them healings and other signs. Those who were called by My Father listened and responded with faith. I am still coming through My people as they testify about Me. It’s your time to testify about Me. Be ready and look around you.


Faith, hope, and love. And the greatest of these is love. There will come a time when you will know and see everything. This will make faith and hope unneeded. Love will become the driving force. You will be receiving so much love from Me, that your only response can be love. This will overcome any selfish thought or deed. You will have a new spiritual body, that will not have any needs. It won’t demand anything. You will be free from its power to sin. You will be at peace and fully satisfied. You truly will want good for others, even over yourself.


I am answering your prayers and the prayers of others. This will be painful, but not devastating. I am at work in many ways for many people because of prayer. Seek Me so that you will pray according to My will. Seek Me so that you will know how to live. Seek Me because this pleases Me.


There will come a time when people who resist Me will face the truth. I keep pointing it out to them, but they don’t see. When will My people wake up? Their flesh rules more than their spirits. Their faith in Me is weak. They don’t pray in faith.


Live for Me and these other concerns will not be important. Focus on My kingdom and what you are called to do. Are you praying? Are you listening to My Spirit? Are you helping others come to Me?

Where is your life going? You are ready for heaven, but I have more for you to do on earth. Keep praying and seeking Me, for that is the Source for your life. Nothing else matters.


Come to the waters and drink until you are satisfied. I am your strength. I am what you need. There is nothing in this world that will truly satisfy your needs. It will promise much, but deliver little in lasting fruit. I offered the fruit from the tree of life. They ate and were satisfied. The tempter stirred up desires for what was forbidden, and they disobeyed Me. It didn’t satisfy them. It made them aware of their sin. They hid from Me. They lost the innocence I gave them at creation. Everything was changed.

Now the world suffers and will continue to suffer until I return and make all things new. You can only see a reflection of the glory that once was at the beginning. I give you a little to hope for more in Me.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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