I love you and I always had a plan for you. You stumbled at first when you were young, but then with the help of My Spirit you turned to Me, seeking Me so that you could know Me. Over time you learned about listening to My voice. Over time you learned the significance of the gift you had. You have been faithful to seek Me. You don’t always listen very well, but I still come to you. You easily forget what I say, so I have to remind you again with similar words, until it sinks in. Even so, you can struggle to obey My words to you.

I will reveal much truth to you in the future as the end draws nearer. Continue to share what you hear as My Spirit leads you. Others need to hear from Me too. They will discern what will speak to them. This is a gift. You didn’t earn this. These are not your words, so do not take ownership of them.

Come with an expectant heart. Come with no agenda. I pick what I will say and reveal. Ask Me questions. Seek to understand what I am saying. Compare what you hear with My Word as confirmation and contrast. I will be doing new things, but they have been foretold.

These will be hard times, for only when it is hard, do people pay attention. They have lost their fear of Me. They easily ignore the warnings. They mock Me in their unbelief and rebellion. The enemy has sown seeds of destruction and it will come to pass. But I have a better outcome, bearing fruit, rescuing, giving life, restoring life. People will be changed as My Spirit works. He is very good at doing My will. Keep your eyes on Me and not in man. Talk is cheap for a man to promise, but he cannot deliver what he says, even as he knows this when speaking.

I am raising up people who know Me, and seek Me. These will shine in My kingdom. Each will be gifted, for I do not want the work of man. Prayer will be vitally important. Humility and perseverance will be needed. Strength will come from Me. Results are in My hand.

Rejoice and believe these words for they will come to pass. My future is glorious in My people and kingdom. You will reflect what is within Me, as Moses shone.


Live for Me today and always. Submit your will to Mine. Give of your time and energy and talents to Me. I will give them back for My will to be done. Your life will count more in My hands. Is that what you want?


My life for yours. That is what I did for you.


There is a way of this world that seems right to a man, but in the end, it leads to death. The enemy lures and deceives many to follow this way. An independent spirit follows this way. A rebellious heart chooses this way. He rejects the path of the righteous that leads to life. He ignores My warnings.

What can reach a man like this to turn him from this path? My Spirit can. He can derail a man with difficulties and hardships, to cause him to think. He can bring conviction of sin. He can bring examples of changed lives – people who were just like him. They need your prayers. They need your witness.


There is a way that seems right to a man. He doesn’t know the end he is facing. He ignores the truth of My Word. He is in denial. He stumbles through his life with many hardships brought on by his poor choices. He thinks this is normal. He pushes himself. He looks at his friends and coworkers for comparison. Near the end of his life he begins to worry about death and what comes after. He has lived as if there is nothing more, just sleep like nothing. He doesn’t want to die. My Spirit prods him to fear with unsettling. He is aware of his sinfulness. Will he cry out to Me after all, to a God whom he has ignored? The believers around him cry out for him. I have only the hope of a promise that if he will call out to Me, but will he?


Try to remember what it was like for you as a young man. Think of the unknown that lay ahead. I was guiding you. I took care of you. Even before you knew Me, I was there. I am still taking care of you, guiding you. Now you pray and listen to Me. Keep seeking Me. I will lead you until your last breath here on earth. Then you will be with Me.


There will come a day, when people will see the Son of Man returning on the clouds. They will weep. Some will cry out in fear, realizing the day of judgment has come. He will come in glorious light and power. The heavens will roar with thunder. The angels will battle the spiritual armies of this world. No more will evil reign. Darkness will give way to light. The kings of this world will bow in homage, but not voluntarily. Lying tongues will be silenced.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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