The wages of sin is death. Many will pay this price out of ignorance and rebellion. It seems foolish to believe in an invisible God. What I have made is very visible and it confronts them every day.


What is integrity? Who can have it without My help? Man is sinful and corrupt. A man’s ways will be found out. For by grace you have been saved through faith, it is not of yourself.


I sustain what I have made. Those who seek Me know this and are cared for. Life is a blessing. The earth is the Lord’s and the fulness therein. I have made a way for you, a way that is life and fulfillment. It will not always be easy or pleasant, but it will lead to Me, the giver of life. Look for Me. Appreciate what I am doing. Give Me your praise.


Touching lives – caring, loving, rescuing, saving. How far will I go to bring salvation to the person who calls upon Me? If My gift is free and My grace unlimited, is there anyone who is ineligible or disqualified from My offer? How much faith is needed? Everyone is unworthy or undeserving. Rich or poor, sinner or saint, humble or proud. Was the thief on the cross worthy? Did he do anything to deserve, except to ask Me to remember him? Where does contrition or repentance come in? The prodigal recognized his need and unworthiness. Do the words matter in a prayer for help? Can you gain My salvation as a child and later lose it as an adult? Is there a point at near death, the question of salvation is answered? What if someone is incapable of choosing to receive My gift through disease in a coma or mental illness? If death comes instantaneously, which decision while alive is considered? I know everything, every thought, every word spoken, every deed done.


There will be an awakening different than you expect. My people will rise up to testify with boldness for the time will be short. The contrast between light and dark will be evident. Those still in the world will have a heavy burden of sin upon them. They will not understand. Few will repent and turn to Me, but those who do will be mocked by their peers. I will shine in them too. Keep praying for the lost. Do not look at their appearance.


Man’s foolishness never ceases. As long as he ignores the plain truth of My existence, his mind will deceive him. He seems infallible in his thinking. Yet he changes his mind often as some new idea comes along. His thoughts are self-centered. He feels concern over tragedy and suffering, but he won’t do much to help. He is unaware when he hurts others with his words and actions. I died for this man. Pray for him to find the truth.


Do not dismay for I am in control. I know all the days of your life and they are good. Continue to seek Me in everything. I know what you need to know. I will give you wisdom and insight. I will lead the way before you. Don’t trust on your own understanding.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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