What is character? What is in a man to make him stand consistently with a set of standards for life, when others easily give in to pressure to do what others are doing, or to do what is easy, especially for the flesh? Does My Spirit change a man to give him strength of character? Yes, He trains him through trials and temptations. My Son learned obedience through what He endured at the hands of men.


Rejoice and be glad for a new day. I gave you sleep to replenish your energy and to start afresh with a new day. I could have made the earth’s rotation slower with longer days and nights, but then the temperatures would have been more different between day and night. This would have made more areas unbearably hot during the daylight, and others too cold at night. even now those living on the equator see this as do those living near the poles.


I knew no sin, but I took on your sins so that you could be righteous in Me. I am your sanctification. My Spirit is working to make you holy, set apart for works of service. You are a chosen vessel for My righteousness to dwell. Live for Me, and be led of My Spirit. Don’t yield to the desires of the flesh to sin.

My way is not easy, but it is sure and fruitful for the man who is seeking Me. I am fruitful.


Man cannot achieve certain things. I have placed limits. It is wrong to look to a man, as if he was a savior. A man will disappoint. A man will fail. A man’s life is in My hands.


I came to save and deliver people from their sins. The enemy deceives them and blinds them. They become slaves to sin. I am righteous and holy. My Spirit can transform the sinful heart. Humility and love is the way.


Live for Me. Live to please Me in your obedience and devotion.


My Spirit reigns over the earth. My Son is Lord over all. Does this bring you comfort? I have overcome the world. Even in the midst of trouble, I am with you. I will come to bring peace to the earth, but first there will be tribulation and judgment. Evil will rise up as never before. My Spirit is greater.  


I will come to restore what was lost. Will it be the same as it was originally created? No, it will be better with My Presence and Spirit available to all who call upon Me. I have revealed much, and even more will be given.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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