The beginning and the ending. These are important. A good start on the right path with some guidance along the way. Know when to end, to push them out of the nest.


There is an emptiness that is not from Me. It is the result of failed promises of the enemy. Riches, things, experiences – all promise happiness, but how shallow and short-lived. No matter how much money one has, there is always a desire for more. Same for things and experience. The addict always needs more the next time to get the same high. I am the only true satisfaction and source of fulfillment. I give joy, which is much deeper than happiness. I give peace. I give love.

Why do people resist Me? They search and try out all manner of strange man-made religions, all designed to please the soul and flesh. Why not believe in something that doesn’t require any changes, that elevates the self as god. Why not believe in something that covers over the guilt of sin, but never removes it.

There is an end to all life. Then comes the judgment, the reckoning. My arms are outstretched, beckoning, welcoming. My Spirit is whispering words of life and hope. My people testify with changed lives. My creation speaks silently – Creator God.

You didn’t resist Me, but the lure of sin held on to you. Can you believe and still keep sinning? What is repentance? What is submission and surrender? I brought you to the place of emptiness and you saw the futility of life without Me. Even now with all that you have and have experienced, you see emptiness in some of the things that you went after. Now you have found Me and the life that I give.


Rest in My love. For I will take care of you and your family. As you give yourself to Me, I will give Myself to you. I have made provision for everything that you will need.


Experience counts and is of value. Education is the same. Knowing who to go to when you have questions, is the best. My Spirit is there for you, any time. He knows and will share all that you need. He has the answers for what you really need, not just what you are asking about. Can you listen? Will you listen? Will you obey and do what He says? Will you follow Me?


Be gracious and kind to all, for that is who I am. You have life within you. I have given you life. This is life – to know Me, to experience My working in you, transforming, loving, helping, watching over. I have this for all My people, but not all find it. Help them. Every day can be new. Listen to My Spirit.


I will teach the way. Be open to My leading. Your wife is opening your eyes to other aspects. She is your helpmeet. Don’t discourage her input, rather give her freedom. She is nurturing the women who need help be more confident. You all need to grow. This is not just about the mentees.


You are on the right direction. Not everyone considers his life and death. Make the most of this life where people will benefit what you are doing. Your stuff won’t help others. My kingdom is much more than this. Eternity dwarfs over this life on earth.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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