The earth is Mine and the fulness therein. All the resources you see, I have created them for man. I have no lack. I need nothing. How big is the universe? How large is the largest star?


Knowledge puffs up, but wisdom and obedience teaches the heart. My Spirit is always at work in you. The more you yield to Him and seek Him, the more you will be conformed to My image. It’s not about doing, but being. The speaking and doing will follow the being.


Prepare the way. Could you be someone like John the Baptist? I will come again, and will people be ready? The Jews were looking for their promised Messiah, but most were looking for someone else. There won’t be time for people to change their minds and believe when I come. There will be darkness and deception and dullness of heart. Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand – this message still applies. You have more accurate information about who I am and what I will do when I come. Will that move people? You must love, to be heard. Words will be mocked without love. My Spirit knows what to do and who is ready. Follow Him.


Wait a little longer and keep looking to My Spirit for guidance. Doors have opened for you. Your main focus is prayer, then the jail ministry, then discipleship. Keep searching for My Truth and Wisdom. Pass on what you learn to those who need to learn. Can you go dark on what is happening in the world? Can you trust Me to take care of things? I will keep you informed enough to pray.

Intentionally show more love to your wife. Pay attention to her. Touch her kindly. Speak kindly and with encouragement and affirmation. Watch her blossom. She is past the physical issues and will be more active.


Be patient. Learn to take advantage of the time – for prayer, for studying My Word, for preparing materials. Can you do this and be content? Can you overcome boredom. Can you spend more time before Me? Time is a gift for those who have more than enough. Be content and look forward to our time together. I will speak and reveal My heart.

Don’t be disappointed. You have gained information. Draw near to Me. I am here for you.

Life comes in many packages and shapes. I am behind it all. I give life. I create. You are made in My image. Seek after Me and you will be well. Don’t seek the world for it has nothing really for you. You are passing through on your way to be with Me. Be with Me now.


My answer is in the seeking. My wisdom is not hidden. My Truth can be known.

In Me there is life, life abundantly and eternally. I came to defeat death and sin. You now live in Me and I in you. Can anyone harm you? I keep those who are Mine safe with Me. I have all that you need. Why look elsewhere? Nothing else will satisfy you.


This is why you are leading this effort. You will be a mentor to them. Try to talk with each one informally. This will be a time for great growth in maturity.

I will show you many things as you seek Me. We are on a journey together. I am your Master, Savior and Lord. Don’t hesitate to come to Me any time.


Your work will be noticed, not to give you credit, but to assist My work in My body. Keep seeking Me. I am doing wonderful things for you and your wife. Rejoice and be glad. Have a thankful heart.

Continue to seek Me for what you are doing. Let My Spirit influence you.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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