I will come when no one suspects. Yes, there is a general interest in My coming by My people. They realize that this world needs Me. Yet when I come it will be for judgment and justice. It will be a hard time for most. Keep praying for others as the harvest is still in progress. I hear the prayers of My people. I hear the cries of those in hardship. My Spirit is always working to draw them to Me. You will see more than you will want to see. It will become darker before I come. You will be amazed at what people will think and do. You will understand why I brought the great flood.


There is no magic answer, no truth behind false religions. All have deception at their core – the father of lies. His aim is to steal people away from the truth, from Me. He fears what I will do, but runs ahead anyway as his time runs out. If it is not religion, it is the cares of this world. He has deceived the masses into sleep and blindness. Their consciences are salved with everyone is doing it. Lies and deceit, so beware and don’t follow with them. Keep your heart pure before Me.

There is a better way and I have made it. My goal is life, but few will find it. Learn from Me and follow as I lead. Real fruit will come out of you. Pursue love. Restrain your tongue. Be a blessing.


My arms are stretched out,  pleading, inviting, welcoming – come to Me. Only a few come. Break off the chains of darkness and blindness. You know what it is like not to hear. You can imagine what it would like not to see. That is the blindness that covers the eyes of the lost. They can’t see the real Me with My arms beckoning. If they see, it is a distorted image, a false god of their own imagination, misleading them with false hope. Pray.

Yes, give grace and love. I am the Judge, not you. Encourage, lift up, help, pray. Reward others with kindness, disarm them with love.


I am always current. I am now. I am today, yesterday and forever. I am the God of the living as all live before Me until that day of judgment. I know the ones who are yet to be born and even still to be conceived. Physical death is not final. Spiritual death is. I am planning the events of My return. It will be a terrible, but glorious time. The Father and I are in agreement, as we always are. “Planning” is not an accurate term since these events were planned long ago. Are you ready?

What in your life will count? You have surrendered to Me, and this is good. You will continue to do so as you continue to live. Submission and obedience are choices to make.


Be patient. People can only absorb so much at one time. It’s good to have a list of topics and overviews. It’s good to ask questions and get feedback. Be a humble teacher, still learning and growing. Acknowledge the work of My Spirit.


Living out your faith is more important than the words. Show your love and kindness. Do good to others. Control your tongue. Be humble and offer your praise to Me.

Prepare the way. Make smooth the path before you. Gather what you need for the journey. Look forward and not back. See into the future for it is good, something to look forward to.


Be aware of who you are, your position in the spiritual realm. You are a light in the darkness. Sometimes your light is dim and other times it shines brightly. It depends on how close you are to Me. Are you following My Spirit? Are you loving? You can call upon Me at any time for any reason. Yes, the demons can see you, so also those in the world who are seeking Me. You look safe and attractive to them. They want to be with you. Their hearts are stirred. Is that what you want? It is what I want for you. Your light is nothing without Me. Resist the devil and the things of this world. Then come and draw near to Me.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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