Everyone is on their own path. Some are following Me, and others follow their own desires. I don’t give up on them. I just love them. It is easy to be swayed by the things of this world. It is hard, at times, to follow Me. I don’t ask for much, but that seems too much for some. You have made your choice, and it is good. Lead others to Me and I will help them. Show the way by your life. Dispense grace and love. These are more helpful than words of correction.


Use the authority I have given you.

I have much for you. Come to Me always. Resist him and he will flee. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. My victory is for all My people. Rest in it. No one is greater. I AM that I AM. In all things bring Me praise. No one is greater. Sing a hallelujah. The Lord reigns.


Spending time with Me. My disciples were afraid to hear Me talk of My death. Would it have mattered if I ministered another year? Perhaps a few more would be healed and delivered. More would have heard My teaching. But I came at just the right time. I lived and discipled My followers just as the Father had planned. I died fulfilling all that mattered. I rose to set people free from death. My Word and truth and grace have gone out into the world. Many more have believed in Me.

You are thinking about your own life. Have you done enough? Are you doing My will now? Will your life count? You are helping those behind bars come to faith. You are setting an example for other men in your church. You are not perfect. No one is.

Be open to truth that is revealed and confirmed by My Spirit. My Word is truth. Be diligent to study and learn from Me, through My Word.


Love. If you love you will do no harm. You will show kindness and mercy. You will extend grace to cover sins. You will have compassion, instead of judgment. You will want their lives to be good, full of peace and contentment, with joy to overcome hardship.


I am taking care over My church, My body, My people, My world. I am not passive or indifferent. I care because I love, and I am good. You will see great things happening.


Open my eyes that I might see the wonders of who You are. Your love is overwhelming. You love when others give up on a soul. Your Spirit constantly woos and beckons. Teach Me Your ways. Show Me how to love. I will praise You with my heart and lips.

Do good to others, friends, family, strangers. Bear fruit before others in your speech and deeds. Guard over your heart and mind, keeping your focus on Me and My kingdom. These things should be normal for My people, who are called by My Name.


My grace is sufficient. When you are generous and give more than is required, there will be no further need. I give My grace to cover you in this way. Look for it. Expect it as you pray and seek Me. I am not an auto reply person. I see the heart and know the situation. I respond with love and power. Call upon Me and see. Keep coming. Don’t be shy. Be humble and contrite. Be grateful and worshipful.

Your role is to be patient and supportive. At the right time, you will lead and be successful and helpful.


Love is how you should be living. Love should always be on your mind, not the gushy kind, but serious, intentional loving of others. Can you do this? I will help you. Look for opportunities to show love in words and deeds. You can be neutral and cause no harm, but a better way is to make a difference with love to another person. Be a blessing with love. People want to be around loving people.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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