Grace and peace to you in the name of My Son Jesus Christ. You have sown peace and love and it will return to you. Everything will come to its end and be made new again by My Spirit. Life is new in Me. Draw close to Me. Stay with Me.


Live for Me and before Me. I see and notice all acts of obedience, worship and praise, faith. If the foundation is strong, the building will stand. I am your Foundation. Keep coming to Me, listening, learning, repenting, confessing, seeking, asking, humbling, acknowledging My Lordship over all. You will grow and be changed in my Presence. Think of Moses.


Every day will count and be noticed. Every thought, every deed, every word spoken is recorded. What will really count are the things done in Me, partnering with My Spirit. I was with all the significant persons in the Bible. I was with all the persons living, however so briefly. My Spirit was brooding over each one. I love those who are Mine. I love them to the end, full, without gaps, like a covering. Nothing escapes My notice and care. Even if you can’t sense My presence, I am there. The end is near, but do not be afraid. Hardships will abound to offer a way to Me. He who comes to Me will not be turned away.


Let us rejoice for the King has come! Let us bow down before Him and give Him praise. What does He ask of us, but to believe in Him and trust Him for our lives? He alone is worthy of praise and worship.

I will change his heart towards My Word. He will find Me there, just as many before him. I love it when people enjoy finding truth in My Word.

Come and see the beauty of the Lord in the land of the living.


Trust Me in this. You are safe in Me.

I will come when no one expects. False voices will abound full of lies and trickery. They will mock Me in their ignorance of the truth. I will have My way. Lift up My Word. Proclaim it before men. For some it will speak to their hearts, and they will repent.


I came and gave Myself to you all. Some believed and some didn’t. That is still true today. It is not important how I lived before I began My ministry, except as a foundation of righteousness. What you do in private counts and matters for what you will do in public.


The earth and everything in it will disappear by fire. How will this be? Because I said so. You cannot fully understand the impact of sin and the curse it brought. Though I came and took away most of the stain upon mankind, there was still the rest of creation carrying the stain. It will be better when I make it anew. It will be similar, but better. It will be glorious and full of life. I won’t preserve life like I did with Noah. I will start afresh. Cannot the Creator of the universe do this? You will have new bodies in heaven, yet it will be you, the redeemed version.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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