The world will know. Everyone will know. I will reveal Myself to hearts that are very cold, without love. There will be great needs in a hurting world, yet they still will reject Me. The homeless person can be very stubborn, pridefully rejecting help which isn’t in a form they want. They will receive certain kinds of help, but not others. That is the deception of seeds sown by the enemy.

The people asked for a sign, but they wouldn’t have believed in Me. They wouldn’t believe when I rose from the grave. The heart is fragile, yet demanding. How quickly did My people turn away in unbelief when things were hard for them in the wilderness! Miracles and signs are not enough for some. Yet I gave them both so that they could believe My teaching.

What made you believe? My grace and love and mercy. I have made a way for those who will believe in Me, who will choose Me. Nothing can stop My love. Show them My love.


There is evil and sin in the land. Sin corrupts the soul. Sickness and disease follow. Righteousness is pure and holy, free of any stain. Is there anyone who is righteous? No. Bring your light with you and proclaim the truth. Give blessings and not curses with your words.


Be at peace. Today is a new day. Enjoy and look for Me today. I know what it is like to travel. Be a witness of My love.

Lift up the name of Jesus. Proclaim liberty to those in bondage. Let freedom reign. I am on My throne ruling in power and with love and kindness.


Awake the dead with the good news. All things are possible for Me. So expect Me to do wonderful things in the lives of people as you pray for them.

Look for Me today and always. I am your hope. I will be with you in times of trouble. I will be with you when you rejoice. I am your companion.


You can be a help to him and to the other mentors. Be full of grace. This is the work of My Spirit in you and through you.

Life is a journey with ups and downs. I am with you to guide you. Maturity in Me is costly but rewarding. I see the end. Keep drawing close to Me. I am mentoring you through My Spirit.


Be at peace for I am working in their lives to draw them to Myself. They will soon run out of excuses. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. I have the key to Life. The enemy has nothing on Me. He is not My equal, not even close. He will soon be silenced. Then we will see what I can do in the hearts of men. I give choice and choices. Who will you believe in? Who will you serve? Who will you live for? Can I be your Lord as well as Savior, for that is who I am? Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that I am Lord.


Rejoice and be glad. Celebrate before Me. Honor Me with your words and deeds. I am before you as a parent watching over his children. Testify and give Me thanks and praise.

Be careful and gracious. It is not your program. It is My work.

I am with you, even now. Rejoice and be glad. Celebrate life with Me.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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