There are truths in My Word for everyone, old and young, rich and poor. Life is mostly the same in every culture. The teacher must give them a way to apply the truth to their lives. Anecdotal stories help make the truth real. My parables helped them relate and remember. The power is in My Word. It gives Life.


What do you want to do? Is this something you could do? Perhaps, with much stretching. Would your heart be in it? Likely no.

Die to yourself and live unto Me. I will continue to direct you. Pray and don’t lose heart in what you are doing. I plants seeds of life through you.

There is variety in every person. They have choices to make and paths to walk down. You must be different. You must follow My narrow way. It may not be easy, but it is sure with a good end. The end is a change within, a character that brings forth life to those around. I am within you.


What is life all about? Compared to eternity, it doesn’t last very long. Some live long lives, but their later years seem without purpose as they wait to die, suffering sickness and limited mobility and mental functions. For a few, their lives are snuffed out prematurely from illness or accidents. The young are trying to be older, while the older want to be young again. Time constantly moves on. Good and bad people suffer alike. Some fear death, while others seemingly embrace it. Some stay near where they are born all their lives, while others move a lot and travel far away.

Where is the spirit of man in all this? You must be born again for your spirit to come alive and see into the spiritual world where I exist. I work through your spirit to transform your heart and soul and mind. I fill you with Truth and Life. I teach you My ways. I create a life and see into the future for that life. I reveal Myself in different ways to invite them to a relationship for real Life with Me. You have found Me. You can look back and see how I worked in you. You had a choice to make. Even now you have choices to make in obedience or rebellion. Choose life as My Word proclaims.


There is information and knowledge, but what is important? The world and all it contains will be replaced. Who will care about what was learned before? Will that reality still apply to the new world? Will My Son heal and do miracles when He comes again? Will He rule as the Son of God or as the Son of Man? Yes, there will be medicines, and these will be much more effective. The decay and death of a life will be slowed and changed. Blessed is he who will see this day.

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. Every day has opportunities to praise the Lord of all. Give thanks o you, His people. Rejoice and be glad for your name is written in the book of life.


Come to the waters and drink to satisfy your thirst. See how you are refreshed.

When someone is suffering, they tend to be selfish, focused on their own needs. It can be hard to care for them. It takes My kind of love and grace. One has to feed on Me to find the strength to serve them. My grace is sufficient if you lean on Me.


I was watching over you then, just as I am now. I care about My people. I see them in their struggles. I look for their faith to see if it is genuine. You displayed anger and pride then. You turned to Me. That was good. You showed faith and trust in My Word.

You are weak in your flesh. I have allowed your weaknesses so that you have to rely on Me.


Only a few should be cloistered away to spend their lives focused on Me. It’s not that they can escape from temptation and sin, for those opportunities can exist anywhere. They stand as silent testimony of devotion to Me. It can help put to death some of the desires of the flesh.

But how will My Word go forth to others if all are hid away? Yes, it is much better to be in the world, but not of it. To testify in both word and deed to others around is needed. My Spirit can use both to reach the lost soul. Salvation is a process lived out before men to show My power in transformation. I give each a jump start into a life of holiness, covering their sin with the righteousness of My Son. Then comes the work of seeking and finding through trials and tribulations, of working through issues and past hurts. None of this is easy or quickly done. Marriage is a crucible for growth. Raising children can be very fruitful for all who are seeking Me.

I draw all men unto Myself, and I reward those who are devoted in their seeking. I see the heart, with its imperfections. Let Me be the Judge. No, I don’t like the carnal believer, who is more in the world allowing it to mar his testimony to others as they see a person just like them without any fruit of life. But I am at work to save and deliver such a one. The trials may need to be harder for them to break free.

What was Adam’s sin? Was it taking the forbidden fruit, or much deeper in breaking away from a relationship with Me? Love has costs and this one was painful for many, even you. My Son restored man to his rightful place in Me. Now you must live for Me, holding dear our relationship. Be ever mindful of what I have done for you. Live for Me with purpose and resolve. Nothing else really matters.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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