What is beauty? Can a picture show it? Can an artist put it in his painting? Can you see it in My creation? Do you see what I can see? When I made it, I saw that it was good. It was what I saw in My mind, full of beauty, simplicity, purpose, function. Now you only see a glimpse of what it was at the beginning. Yet it still reflects on My glory. Wait until you see what heaven looks like. You will be amazed. I gave you the ability to appreciate My glory in what I have made, even in you. You see My sunsets and marvel. Let your imagination run wild in what I can do.


Prepare and build. Do the new work I will direct you to do. This is a time for growth and maturing in Me. Those who seek Me will find this. You are to pray more and learn and apply disciplines. You have put some of these into practice. Now let them be more productive. I will show you the way. You will be pleased with the results. Just as you have built up your physical strength through exercise, now build up your spiritual strength. Do not seek to draw attention to yourself in this, but others will notice the effects.  


Discipleship and learning is a lifelong process. You are still learning, but now you learn directly from Me. Grow in My grace.


I am with you. Do not complain. Be gracious. You are Mine. Let your words be full of grace to all you encounter, even those who will hate you because of Me. The news will continue to get worse, as no one will take action to stop what is hurting people. Good people in government will be hard to find. Do not let these things to be your focus. Pray for them in My Spirit. He knows what is best. I am preparing for My return.

Yes, you will be a shining light to those in darkness. Prepare – pray – believe. I will make a way for you. My fruit will display My power.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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