I am with you to keep you with Me. Each day can be new to you as you seek Me. I will bring those who need Me to you and your groups. Pray for them, even now. Lay a foundation of prayer for them to respond.


Now is the time to look ahead, instead of behind. The future brings new opportunities and challenges. Stay near to Me. Follow My example. Use prayer as your weapon. Take back from the enemy. Defend and strengthen those you care about.


Small beginnings can bear fruit. Be praying to bring others. Not everyone will believe, but those I have prepared will respond to love and concern for them. She came because of your interest in her.

It takes courage to step out and fail. It is better than to not try. My Word is going forth. My Spirit is at work. Listen and obey. I am with you.


There is a way of righteousness found in Me. It takes persistence and rest. It is sought after, but when found it is kept in rest, accepting My work as final. I paid the price on the cross. I spilt My righteous blood for My people, those who would believe in Me. There is life in My blood.


I will come when no one is looking. I will warn through My prophets, but people will scoff in unbelief. You are seeing how people are being deceived now. How truth is being suppressed. This will spread all over the world in various ways. I will protect My people in every land, though some will have to be martyred for their faith in Me. Do not despair, for I am near. I will display My power in undeniable ways. Yet people will not be moved. I will bring judgment on lands and peoples. You have read about this and soon you will see it today. My Word will be suppressed too, so get all you can now. There will be a period of grace for My Word and gospel to go forth. Take advantage of the time. Some people will respond. You will see this. People will seek My people out for what they know and how they live. Prophecies of old will come to pass before your eyes. Revelation and knowledge of My Word will grow clearer as the day approaches.

Lift up your eyes to the hills, to the skies for your Redeemer lives. I am near, be ready. Be doing what I have called you to do. Be My witness and ambassador. Be My representative. Pray fervently with understanding and with My Spirit.


Man will disappoint you. Governments will fail you. Leaders will be selfish and foolish. I am here. Focus on Me. I am your hope.


The days ahead will be challenging, but I am with you. Trust Me. Call upon Me. See if I do not come to your aid.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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