Does your head spin thinking about controlling a large construction project, a state, your country, the world, the universe? I am Lord of all. I am King of kings. Yet I know you intimately.

Do you know when I am coming back? Do you know the last day of your life? Nations will rise and fall. My people Israel are being prepared. People are being drawn to Me. When you realize these things, can you add depth to your prayers? Yes, pray in My Spirit, but pray in your language. Pray for the details. Pray for the big picture, however big that is to you.

Everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes. No one is accountable, except to Me. Whether you realize this or not, everyone is governed by a higher law. No one can completely control the events of their life. Yes, the rich can make their own little world around them. But they have to rely on others, who work for them, who do their bidding. That life can be so empty. Solomon found that out, and he went crazy in his own way.

Finding contentment in Me. Doing My will. Serving others. Loving. These are the things that bring fulfillment. Man can only embrace so much. Each day can be new for you, walking with Me.


It is for wisdom and strength that I have given you this rest. Learn to seek Me and hear from My Spirit. Let Him guide you into all truth about Me. He knows everything. Ask Him, and He will reveal and explain. There are some thing still to be revealed in their time.  Prophets of old sought after truth and knowledge. Take notes and share them.


I am at work to accomplish My purpose in the world, in your country, in people who are seeking Me. I will not rest until I bring all I have chosen into My sheepfold. No one can resist My love.


Rest, peace, contentment, fellowship with Me, learning from My Word – these and much more are found in Me for My Beloved. If you do nothing more than to come before Me, humbly and seeking, then you will find true joy and love for your soul. I will satisfy your inner man.


The wages of sin is death, but I have come to set men free of their sin and to show them the way to eternal life in Me. Sin is ugly, enslaving, but I have the keys for freedom. I have come to set people free of sin and death. I have done all that is needed on the cross. Look to Me and be healed. Look to Me and find new life. Look to Me.


Only in Me is there real peace in the midst of the storm, the trial, the difficulty. Why? Because you will turn to Me for help. It won’t come naturally; you must ask for it.


Take a break. Rest in Me. You have done well and now it is time for others. You can help them, if they ask for your help. Your message preparation was for you. I will show you ways and give you opportunities to share what you have learned from Me and My Word. It not about you. It is about Me and what I want to do for My people.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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