I have My hand on what is going on. I will be glorified in My people. Sinners will sin. My Spirit is convicting many and they are repenting. My holiness and righteousness is pure, undefiled. You are covered by My blood. You are forgiven and redeemed.


Look to Me for all that you need. Be anxious for nothing, only pray and find My help for you.


It will surprise you to know what I know about you. I see the inner man, the real you. I see the core of faith, the belief in Me that is constant, grounded in the revelation of My Word. You hear My voice, and you trust that what you hear is from My Spirit. This pleases Me. You read the prophecies of old, and this stirs your heart. You read the stories of men and kings who responded in faith to these words. You read about those who rebelled against those words.

There is much to be revealed, about what was said before, and what will be spoken in the future. My future plans for you are glorious. I have prepared a place for those who believe. It is near to where I am. It will test your senses with its magnitude of color and light and shape and textures and sounds. These will forever be pleasing to your spirit and soul and even your new body. I am the Designer, the Creator, the Builder, the Host, the Provider.

You cannot imagine these now because of your worldly limitations. Even if you had the vision of an eagle, the hearing of the owl, the sensitivity of an insect, the smell of a lion – these still are not enough. Your brain cannot understand or fathom the magnitude of what is in store for you. You will sing new songs of praise to Me. You will learn melodies advancing the spectrum of sound. All this is for My Beloved.


Yes, My Word comes in many versions to satisfy the reader, but it still is My Living Word for those who dig deeper in prayer over what they are reading. I can speak to a person through My Word. I can bring conviction of sin. Think of how kings of old discovered My Word, and repented from their evil ways. People don’t respect My Word today. I will honor those who honor Me today. I will bring judgment on those who don’t. I say again in truth, choose life!


I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. I am the door to life. My Spirit is at work to draw people to the point of decision. He is very good at what He does. He knows a person’s heart and future. He doesn’t make guesses or mistakes. He is right on. He has worked in your life. He is working now. Do not resist His leading. Overcome your fears and doubts by trusting in My Word, and in Who I AM. I have a plan, and My plans are very good. No one can stop My plans.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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