I am training you for more than what you are doing now. You must say no to the things of this world for they will distract you. Be content with what you have. Do not compare yourself to others, especially those within My body with spiritual gifts that you don’t have. Who is the Giver? Who is the Lord of all? My disciples were jealous of one another before I was risen. They didn’t understand. But I knew what was in their hearts and what My spirit would do to transform them. I know what is in your heart as well. I see something of value for My Kingdom and people searching for Me.  


A day of new beginnings. Will it be better if we start over? After the flood, we started over with only a few people. I made people disperse at the tower of Babel. In many ways I started over at Pentecost with My new band of believers, with their sins forgiven and their hearts renewed by My Spirit, empowered to do what was very difficult before He came. I started over in various places with revivals and fresh outpourings as My people prayed and sought after Me. Daily, I start over in lives, desperate and hopeful of a better life, turning to Me for the forgiveness of their sins as they put their faith in My Son. I like new beginnings. I like it when people believe in Me and seek My face, and repent, and turn from their wicked ways, empowered by My Spirit. You can’t do this life apart from Me.

Did I leave out the Jewish people, the nation of priests following their father, Abraham? I revealed Myself to them and set them apart. But they quickly grumbled and rebelled from My commands. Still I loved them, and brought them back several times. They stand as a witness and testimony to who I AM. Not a very good witness, but enough to provoke the enemy. Now My people are My witnesses, all over the world, bringing life and peace and joy. Are you, My witness?

I will come again, and we will have another new beginning. This one will be glorious and life giving. He won’t be constrained in a man’s body. He will rule with righteousness and justice. You will reign with Him as will My people, redeemed from the curse of sin, and free of the influence of the tempter. I like new beginnings. Who knows what eternity will bring?


Will you accept My outcome? What is important? My will or yours? This day choose who you will serve. My ways are best. I can redeem situations and people, but it better to avoid sin and any form of rebellion.

What will it take for revival to happen? Much more than you have or that you can do. Can you pray? Yes, and that will help. What will you pray for? Can you pray without being noticed? Can you pray just to Me? Can I revive you?

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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