Consider what you say and do today. Look to Me in all things. I am your Wisdom.

I wish that all Me people would seek after Me. I want to guide them in their lives. I am at work on their behalf because of My love for them. I want them to know this love. I want them to know Me from My Word and as I reveal Myself to them. I want to be their faithful Companion. I am their Destination but also their Guide along the way. I will lift their burdens as they call upon Me. Yes, there is a price to pay, a giving up of their will to My will, a yielding and submitting, but My yoke is light and good. I will transform them into My image so they can be My ambassadors to bring others to Me.

You have influenced men and you will continue to help them find Me. Just be yourself. Be patient. Talk and encourage them. Pray for them in your quiet place.


Come to the table, bring an offering of praise and thanks. Listen to the words of life I have for you. Believe in Me. Follow the path I have for you with faith. Is it not good? Be patient with the ideas I give to you. They will come to pass when I say. Be constructive and helpful, not critical and judgmental. Bring life with your words, encouraging and building up others. Know that I love you and want the best for you. You have been seeking Me and listening to My Sprit and this is good. It will help you to know Me and My ways. These are not new words for you, but they are reminders of what is right for you now.

Yes, she is struggling now, but things will improve. Trust Me for her. Continue to pray for her often.

You are learning to tune out the news and to focus on Me. I will keep you informed enough to pray. Man will fail your expectations and hopes, so seek Me first and trust Me. I am at work in your world. It is Mine first.

Have fresh manna for people. Yes, My truths don’t change, but revelations from My Spirit are fresh and timely. A good word spoken well builds up and encourages one going through their personal faith struggle. Everyone needs to know that I love them and care for them where they are at. No one is perfect. Even the faithful saint needs a joyful word to sustain them.

Do not be downcast, but rejoice that I am working in the lives of people across the world. Yes, I am everywhere working My good will. Many are responding to My call. Many are going deeper into a relationship with Me. I am pleased. Keep praying for the lost and hurting. They need your prayers.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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