The more you seek Me, the more you will find Me. The more you listen, the more you will hear from Me. I notice. I respond. You blessed your daughter with My words. My Spirit will remind her of that. She will think about that. She will realize My hand upon her.

I will direct your steps. Seek after Me. Look for Me in the people and situations you face. People are hurting and hungry for answers. You have them in Me. What is revival? It is lives changed by My Presence coming upon them in response to the cry of their hearts. Desperation in seeking is a good place to be. I take notice. It stirs My heart. I get tired of indifference and churchy religious behavior. It is empty without My Spirit.


Can you believe that I am within you? Are you in Christ, in Me? What is being in My Presence like to you? What is the sense of My anointing over and upon you?

I will bless you and keep you. Enjoy and be sweet in words. Pray often.


Are you praying for My land? Are you praying for those you love? Are you repenting for your land? I don’t stop working, neither should you as I have called you. Do you care when people are dying without knowing Me?


Rejoice with Me for My people are responding to My call. Look to Me and not to yourself or the world for wisdom. Follow My Spirit and live fully in Me.


I am leading you into new territory in prayer. Be alert and pray as I guide you. Allow My Spirit to pray through you. Your words will help loose chains around people. See I have enabled you.


I will walk with you through any trial, illness, situation, for I am with you always. Just call upon Me. You are influencing men and people who know you, and even those who only just see you and hear your words. I have put My life in you, and I am coming out of you to others. Trust Me in this. My Spirit is at work, and He is very good at what He does. Keep praying and covering what you are doing and those you see. My Word is going out and it is producing its crop. Come to the harvest field. Speak words of life and they will respond. I am not hindered by masks or languages or appearances. I have overcome all the works of the enemy.


Listen and you will find truth to help you. Be wise in this world. It is decaying from the corruption of sin. If you avoid its snarls, you will do well. Come to Me often. Be open to correction in righteousness. I am Your Source. I gave you that treat. You will be surprised when you see them. Bring a blessing to them.

Life has its seasons, its joys and trials. Be prepared yet know that I am with you. I care for My people. There are no surprises. My love is constant.


I am with you to guide you and keep you. See what a beautiful world I made. I will inspire you. You gave them life. Speak words of life to everyone you meet. Everyone needs to hear them.


There is peace for those who trust in Me. Peace that is not of this world. It is peace during a storm, a trial, a hardship, knowing that I am with them. My people will be persecuted and hated for believing in Me. They have not harmed anyone or violated any real law. Yet, because they are Mine, they are condemned to death. Do you believe in Me? Are you willing to take up your cross and follow Me?  Blessed are those who are persecuted for My Name’s sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. They will be with Me someday in heaven, where I am. What a reward! What a promise! Are you ready to be persecuted unto death?

There are many promises for those who believe. But they must be believed and acted on to receive. Meditate on My Word, and you will have faith to believe it. Write My Words on the tablet of your heart, so that no one can take them away from you.

You are amazed at what I have spoken to you about in the past. You will hear greater revelations than those, if you have faith to believe what you hear from My Spirit. He will teach you all things. He will teach you all about Me. Is that enough? You will have all that you need to believe in Me. I have sealed your heart. You are Mine. Continue to seek Me, to listen, to believe. My promises and words are true and reliable, for those who believe.

I am doing My work in your land and in My people. Hardships and injustice are difficult to undergo, but the fruit is great for the submitted heart. Job didn’t understand what was happening to him. Yet he remained faithful to Me. The enemy can work only a little while longer. My people will shine forth into the darkness. My Spirit is at work. Keep praying.


Come to Me all who labor and are heavily burdened, and I will give you rest for your souls. Love your wife as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for it. Be tender and kind. Pray for her weaknesses.

I love those you love. I am caring for your family. Trust Me for them.

The world will soon be surprised. Are you ready? Is your heart prepared for My glory to be revealed? Repent and believe are the words for today. Many are dabbling with spiritual things, looking for what allows them to live as they want. That is not My way. You have seen this at the jail as inmate search for answers. My Word is going out to all who will listen. My Spirit is working. Pray and rescue those in darkness.


Come to the waters and drink until you are satisfied. You will experience more of Me as you seek after Me. Ask and the doors will be opened to you. Seek and you will find. I am available always for My people. How did that formation get there? My hand was at work for all to see. I did not want your world to be flat and boring. I created life and the conditions for it to live and thrive. You will see more of what I created today. Just look around you. Even in people.

Live for Me and not for yourself. Seek My wisdom always. I have what you need. In all things give Me thanks and praise. Focus on Me, acknowledge Me


I am ready, are you? Prepare you heart with My Word. Saturate your mind. Read, listen, study, meditate, compare until My Word is within you. My Spirit will instruct you. What did the prophets of old know? Only the words and interpretation of the words I gave them. Do you understand what I am saying to you? You have the scriptures. They were speaking as I gave them utterance. Yet they retained enough to be able to record them. They used phrases that meant something in their day. The leaders heard the words, but didn’t have faith in Me and didn’t want to believe and take action. They were stubborn in their pride. Your leaders are no different. Only a few have understanding of the times.

A politician sells his souls for the money to get elected. He comprises with ungodly men. He sifts the wind to make his decisions. Who does he represent? What does he stand for? Pray for them. Lift up their families before Me. Pray for their friends. Pray for people of good influence to speak to them. Some are mindless going with their party’s leaders. Others will be stubborn, demanding attention, waiting to decide. Pray for them. They can be persuaded.


Rescue the lost with prayer. Cancel the enemy’s hold over them using My Name. You are experiencing more freedom from the oppression of the virus, but do not give others your freedom prematurely. Respect their safety. I have protected you because of My work in you.

She will get past these thoughts as she adjusts more to the new medication. Encourage her to seek Me and to pray.

Even in the process of destroying sinful man in the flood, I created something new and beautiful. Life follows death in My world.


What will it take for revival to come? People must recognize their sinfulness, their need for repentance, a humbling of hearts. How many people, what percentage of a nation? The Bible records that all of the Ninevites repented, including animals, as ordered by the leaders. How many of My people were regularly praying? Will it take a national disaster or crisis? When 9-11 happened, people all over humbled themselves for a day. Was that enough? That sense of “unity” did not last very long, did it?

Prophetic words have been given to warn people. But who is taking notice? How many months did John the Baptist proclaim, repent for the kingdom of God is near? Before I return, I will have My two prophets speaking out. Will people notice and repent? By then it will be too late.

I will speak to My people, and they will know when I will come, as did those who heard and heeded John’s message.


I am with you to protect you. I take care of My people. I am your Healer. Be patient and trust Me. A divided heart is not good. The grass seems greener on the other side of the fence. Are you a consumer or a supporter? Covid has kept My people divided and isolated. My body the church is meant to be together, supporting each other. Relationships, prayer, giving, serving, – these are elements of My church. I put shepherds over My people to love them and guide them. No one is perfect. All have strengths, weaknesses, gifts and callings, needs and supply for needs.

You are recognizing wisdom from your wife, which allowed you to see more options. I am a good God, taking care of My people, those I love. You can also see how I am directing you.


Prepare, but keep believing and trusting in Me. You will see great and wonderful displays of My glory, glory that will seem strange to the natural mind. I am at work in My World and My people. I will shake up what can be shaken. The pandemic started the shaking, but more will come. Those who truly believe will be protected. I am holy and pure and righteous. I will not share My glory with sinful things made by men. What will be the destruction by an atomic weapon? What will be the destruction from a natural event? Who has more power?  Be at peace, for I am in control. Keep looking with spiritual eyes. Seek Me.

There is much to do before that day. Be about doing My kingdom business. I have called you and gifted you for this time. Serve Me and others to build up My body. I will give you words to speak. Do not be concerned for your life. Trust Me to take care of you and those you love.


I am here waiting. Things will go from bad to worse near that day, but My Spirit will increase in My People. There will be a dramatic contrast between righteousness and evil. Those in darkness will have difficult seeing the Light. I will protect My people. You will look on and be amazed at the blindness to the truth. How could Pharoah not see? How could the people before the flood not see? Keep praying for that opens doors to hearts in the spiritual realm. Take seriously your calling and gifting. It is not a small thing. My people will pray, and I will listen. You read that I responded when the people cried out to the hardships they were in. How did they cry out except in a form of prayer to Me. I heard their grumbling in unbelief too.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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