Eyes will be opened to the truth of the gospel. Hunger and thirst for My Word will abound. People will be desperate for My peace. They will seek after the real joy I can give them. Guilt and shame will be taken away with My forgiveness. I have much for them, but there is a cost? Will they have faith in Me to receive these things they are seeking? Will they be willing to surrender their lives to Me?

People sought My healing power then and even now. I am gracious to help them. My compassion compels Me to action. I respond to the faith I see. But I also see into their heart for faith to believe in Me for more than just healing. Will their testimony stir up the faith of someone else who will turn to Me?

Some people just got a little bread and fish, and they were satisfied for a short time. I didn’t meet those kind of needs, because it brought shallow faith. It was symbolic for those who were seeking. Basic needs can be met, but it only leads to fleshly desires for more. The rich and satisfied man does not seek after a savior, except to ease his conscience. He wants to say I believe in this, but he only trusts in himself and his money. Pride deceives and keeps a man from receiving.


I will bless you and keep you. My eye is upon you.

If I spoke to you one way, could you understand Me? I think you understand how much of a gift it is to hear My voice as much as you do. Not as much perhaps as a prophet, but as one who has trained his ear to hear and accept the words in faith. You has to learn how to spend time with Me in listening. Even now you must make the effort to listen. My words contain life and health to you.

There is truth in what he wrote about, but not everyone is bound by these issues. Live before Me in repentance and in My righteousness and you will overcome the works of the enemy. Pray and intercede for the lost and those who are struggling. Fight the spiritual battles to set them free.


What is the answer to all of this? Eventually truth and history will catch up, but few will understand or take notice. Real Truth is found in Me, and for those who find Me, they find freedom. Sinners will sin, and continue to sin until the price is paid, without remedy. I gave people choices to make, and some will learn that I am the way. You have found that truth. Nothing else really matters. Nothing else changes eternity.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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