What is happening is all normal as My churches grow and mature. It takes adjustment and support, in prayer and in physical activity. Some may leave, but many more will come to bring growth and to reach new people and families. Don’t be discouraged, but patient. Pruning back makes scars, but new growth in abundance produces fruit.


Open your heart for more of Me, more of My Spirit. Why were you disturbed to see an outpouring of My Spirit in prophecy? Are you skeptical about what might happen in your country? When you hear of revival, you don’t believe it? The events in Revelation when they are played out will bring much confusion. The devil will stir up his people to lie and deceive. He will blame My people and cause division in the church as never before. My ways will be challenged and mocked. I needed to put your leader on the sidelines, for he was getting too much attention and focus. Now what is happening is fully exposed. People will be shocked to learn what happened. People are being deceived about how far the enemy is taking your leaders. He doesn’t know restraint. He knows his time is short. It is not about your country. Soon the focus will return to My country. Find out who your leaders are and begin to pray for them. They need spiritual covering.


There will come a time when men will choose those they will listen to, those who speak what they want to hear. Even now people have chosen sides politically, because their side favors them. Will people pick sides between Me and other so called gods? Yes, they will as they have done throughout history. Even those who were called My people, turned aside to follow other gods. They forsook their first love. They chose gods who demanded less of them and promised more to their flesh.  The end is nearer now, but much still must happen. Be patient and expect more to abandon truth and sanity.

I will reward those who remain faithful to Me. I will help them bear much fruit. Some people will take notice, and turn from their evil ways. It will not be the material blessing they will see, but the inner peace and joy, which cannot be purchased with money. This is what people seek after. It will be the love for one another that will attract people.


Everything within will be disclosed to Me and to the world. You are what is in the inner person, what has taken time to form. It is not constant, for I can change it with My Spirit and so can you with My Word as you determine to obey Me. Guard over your heart. Give it to Me.

Have I spoken to you about all things? Yes and no. What I have is more than you can understand. So I will give you what you need, when you need it. My Truth is forever. My knowledge is unlimited. My wisdom is for the asking. Freely receive, freely give away.

I will come when no one is expecting. Are you ready? Will you be doing what I asked of you? Can you be refreshed in My presence?

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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