I will come when no one expects it to happen. I am waiting for the Father’s command. Are you ready? I know you want Me to come to rescue you from this crazy world, but are you ready? Do you want Me to capture all that you have done and what you have become up to this point in your life, as the finished product? Or do you need more time? Are your family members ready? Continue to pray and believe Me for them.

It will be a joyous day, one to remember, a sense of freeing, a shaking off of the old and putting on the new. Everything will be fresh and alive. Colors and fragrances will fill the senses. The sound of music and singing, laughter and rejoicing will abound. A desire to experience all that is happening will capture your heart.


I had plans for you. I still have plans for you. Keep seeking Me and saying yes to My Spirit and My Word. Say yes when I give you opportunities to speak of Me.

People are praying and I hear their prayers. I have better ways to accomplish My plans. My ways are higher. My goals are higher. I want people to turn to Me, to focus on Me. What is in a man is being exposed. What is hidden is being exposed for all to see. The enemy always over plays his hand. What he will try to do won’t bear fruit, lasting fruit. It will please those behind him. His people are determined, but foolish. They have gone too far, and people will notice. The outcry will be great. Even those in the media will be unable to contain the ugly reality.

I will be glorified through My people. I will show Myself strong and mighty over nations and peoples. But keep your focus on Me and My kingdom work. Pray realizing that I can do what is needed for My plans to be accomplished.


People can be different than you in their ideas and beliefs. Does that make them wrong? Are you better than they for your ideas and beliefs? Do you judge outsiders and sinful men? Can they be converted? Are they innocently ignorant of the truth or are they willfully defiant? Either way, can they come to repentance? Does your judging bring them to Christ?

If a believer sins, does he need correction? Can he repent and turn back to the way to life? How do you react when confronted by your sin? You all can justify yourselves in your minds, but My Word stands. My love and grace wins hearts.

Is your country perfect? Are your leaders perfect? You are seeing people who are weak in their beliefs, trying to justify themselves by stopping others who disagree from them. It won’t last of long. You have a Constitution, which stands for your county’s truth and laws. It is being challenged, but it will be defended.


I will be with you. Watch your words and listen to My Spirit. He needs to learn but so do you.

Rejoice and believe for the King is coming to restore all things unto Himself. The oppressed with rejoice. The oppressors will mourn and be judged. My righteous kingdom will be established.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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