If you continue to seek Me with all your heart and mind, I will reveal who I am to you over time. I am Truth. I set what is true forever. There is no doubt about what is true. It carries finality, peace, solidness. People may question and if they have a good heart, they will learn the truth from Me. Scoffers and liars don’t want to know the truth. Truth leads to justice and righteousness. Some may disagree for a time, but can be persuaded. I created the earth and universe. That is a truth. Some like to add absolute to truth to make it more permanent.

Some so-called truth may be so, until someone wiser and more informed comes along to correct and add more information. Science has temporary truth, for it makes theories that are deep and complicated to try to understand My creation. They seem to only understand a part of what I reveal. Real truth is universal and not just for a person to believe. Personal truth is deceptive and self-seeking. Doxology gives statements of truth.

What do you believe?


Trust is won over time. Love overcomes evil. Love heals relationships, not the gushy love for that is fleeting. But true love that is a decision to follow My love for you. Love is commitment to love despite the circumstances. Love is positive, hopeful, believing, trusting. I love you and My love is great.


A whisper, an impression, an idea, a thought – is this how you hear My Spirit? What inspires you? I speak to you in the inner man, in your spirit.

I will speak to you as a father to a child, with love, discipline, understanding, foreknowledge, guidance, wisdom, joy. Does that surprise you? We rejoice in our children.


Now is the time to be My witness. People are ready. I have prepared hearts to receive. Sow seeds of life. Sow praise into the atmosphere to push back the enemy’s darkness.


Where is truth found? People have been lying from the beginning. They blame others for their sinful actions. They don’t think I see and know or care what they are doing. They rationalize their behavior. They don’t recognize My holiness and righteousness. They expect My grace to cover them to overlook or forgive, but they dishonor My Son and what He suffered for them. Where is there repentance and humbling of souls?

Repent of your judgmental attitudes. Repent of your pride. Repent of your security placed in what you have rather than in Me. Its easy to find fault in others or to blame others for what has happened to you. Find strength in Me and pleasure in doing the kingdom work. Nothing else matters. Everything you have is a gift from My hand. You will need to depend on Me more.


Life doesn’t have to make sense, at least for a man to understand. Life is a mystery, a gift from the Creator. He has established it, with all the parameters, and each person is given many unique opportunities. There are rules endowed for all to follow. Each has consequences for obedience and for disobedience. Each can believe in Me and follow Me. My instruction have been revealed in My Word and My Spirit is present for real time guidance. The sooner you say yes to Me, to more you will gain. Some will have a hard life, while for others it will be easier. All will have trials and temptations.

I care for My people. Each one of them is precious before Me. If I care for the sparrow who falls to the ground, I will take notice of My people when they stumble. I have put a guard around you to keep you. I would do more if you would let Me. Death is not the end, for My people. You cannot imagine what I have for you in heaven with Me. What a party! What a celebration! My people will sing and dance with joyful hearts. All of their burdens are gone. All your fears are gone. Each day will bring delight.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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