I am with you always. Look ahead and see your future. Is it good? I have taken care of you in many ways. Even before you knew Me, I knew you and worked to accomplish My plans for you. You recognize this and are grateful. I have not stopped working even to your last breath here on earth. The more you agree with Me and follow My commands, the more I can use you.

You have read about kings who followed Me and honored Me. I blessed them for this. But you have read about evil kings who rebelled against Me and dishonored Me with their idols of stone and wood, backed with demons. You have had both good and bad leaders in your country. The people have followed their own ways. My church has not greatly influenced the people of your land as they once did. You have invited many foreign people into your land with many cultures and gods. I am not a white man’s God, but I am a jealous God. The Jews too liked to look back at their history of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. But they no longer followed Me like those people. Their hearts became divided by the peoples living in the land I gave them.

Repent and believe the gospel. I am waiting to see what your leader will do.


There has been opposition to the gospel ever since I came. The enemy is defeated on the cross. I bring life and truth. I restore lives that have been destroyed by sin. I forgive and heal. My work is not finished. I am working to shape you and all My people into My image empowered by My Spirit, all bringing glory to My Name. I am greater than all. Do not fear, only believe. What the enemy meant for evil, I will turn into good. Light is shining in the darkness.


When you look at the world from My perspective you see all kinds of lawlessness and rebellion against Me and My revealed Word. Yes, there are many who know Me and are in relationship with Me. But more do not know Me. Their view of who I am is distorted by sin and the lies of the enemy.

Even though each person was born with a sense of right and wrong, many allow their self will and pride to ignore that prompting. They get hurt by others, so they protect themselves. They try to be in control of their lives. Some live with freedom to do so, but many have to create their own little world within the limitations of their society, even just around them in neighborhoods and cultures.

Many live in pain and hopelessness. I reach out to them to get them to seek Me. I use My people to show My love. Many are so self-focused they don’t “see” people in need around them. People can be obstacles getting in the way. It is always inconvenient to help another, because I have to stop doing what I want to do, so people think. You are helping others in indirect ways behind the front lines. Can you work on the front lines for Me?

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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