Do you need new direction? Is the path before you clear enough for now? Be at peace for you are doing what I desire. Keep your eyes open to the people around you. Pray for them. Encourage them. This is a time of uncertainty, but the enemy’s plans will be thwarted. It seems hopeless but it is not.

When a trial comes, you must be patient and allow the growth that comes as you seek Me and call upon Me. If it ended quickly, you would be not be learning and trusting. You would just keep doing what you had been doing before the trial came. How long did Job suffer? How long was Joseph in bondage? How long did My people stay in bondage in Egypt? Wandering in the wilderness? How long did David have to wait before he became king? Does it really matter if your country stumbles for a time, even for years? Can it still be restored? Are My people really seeking Me for the good of My kingdom or just to keep themselves comfortable? As much as the virus is testing people, so too is this time of uncertainty testing people. Think of My disciples when I was crucified. Did they lose hope and faith? They were wrong in their expectations for Me, but when the Spirit came upon them, they finally understood their purpose. That purpose has not changed for My people. Kingdoms will rise and fall, but My Word endures forever. Your country is unique, but it is not eternal.

Think of the frustration of My prophets of old. They were warning the leaders of My judgments. They could see the path of destruction and calamity before them. They could see from My perspective how far away My people had turned from following Me and My commands. As clear as it was to them of My revelation, the people mocked and rejected their message.

Where is the sacrifice that leads to revival? Where is the humbling of hearts? Death comes before life. Winter before Spring.


Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming. Those who wait for Him will be rewarded with great joy and endurance, for the times will be hard. Prepare the way. Pray and intercede for the lost. Let your voice be heard in the public square. Do not fear, but rejoice. Love will overcome fear in dramatic ways.

There is a way that seems right to a man, either through his own reasoning or as influenced by his culture. If he follows along that way, he will perish in his sins. I have come to set men free from their sins and give them eternal life. I have come to be with them, a holy God with a sinful man, redeemed by My blood. You have your ways and others have their ways. My Word is true. Study My Word, and you will know My ways. Listen to My Spirit, and you will know My ways.

Men are sinful by nature. Do not be surprised when men sin and do wrongful acts. When the righteous are silent, men will continue to sin unrestrained. The Accuser of the brethren accuses My people. He doesn’t accuse his own. He deceives them and encourages them in their sin. Only a man of principle will obey a law when no one is looking. Your culture is corrupted by sin. Where are My people to intercede and proclaim My Truth? Repent and believe. Let Me guide you into My Truth.

Fear will always arise when lies are spoken. Truth brings calm. When a righteous leader takes his place, the nation rejoices. I am the Source for peace. My righteousness and goodness is a fortress for the soul. Cast your cares before Me.


Rejoice today and always. Haven’t I rescued you and given you a new life with Me? Who else could do this for you? You were on a path of emptiness and destruction. Now you are doing My kingdom work. Now you are empowered by My Spirit. Now you have many people around you who love you and whom you love. Now I am with you.

Let your mind dwell on who I am and what I have done for you – in the general sense for all mankind and in the individual specific sense for you and in your life. I care about My people and I am always working in them and for them to accomplish what I desire for them. Why should I be satisfied with nothing less than perfect? What is perfect? It is the likeness of My Son formed in you. I use your relationships and the activities of your life to mold you. Look closely and carefully at who is in your life, family, friends, difficult people, needy people. All of these people can shape you. Do you see?


Record your thoughts, make notes, remember what has happened, ponder these things. Why should life pass you by without learning and growing in the Spirit as He teaches you? You will learn even up to the end of life and beyond. Just think about the new things in heaven to discover over eternity. Your mind will be renewed then. Sin will be totally erased, not to be tempted again. You will experience life as it was supposed to be from the beginning. Will there be books to read? Yes, but differently as pure knowledge and learning and understanding is granted. You will see the richness of culture of the universe, diversity beyond counting, perspectives, and experiences full. Yes, you will have new bodies, reformed and renewed, with new capacities, so you can appreciate all that I have done. My love will be poured out into your heart. There will be the fruit of My Spirit in abundance. You will enjoy every opportunity to praise Me, to sing joyfully, to dance and experience My Presence. You will bow with the saints in worship to the Lamb.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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