The truth will set you free. Once you finally realize that you need a Savior and that I paid the price for you, it is a freeing choice to believe in Me and in what I did for you on the cross. The guilt of sin is removed, replaced with My peace and joy. My Spirit then goes to work to make you like Me. He gives you warning when temptation comes. He helps you understand the spiritual truth in My Word. He empowers you to do what you cannot do. You realize that you must die to your old ways so that I can live in you as Lord over your life. Repentance, humility, submission, obedience then gives your life purpose as you follow Me. Salvation is a freeing process of a lifetime spent with Me.


Do I know what is best for your country? Is prosperity more important that salvation? Is your democracy more important than revival? I came to a land with an oppressive government. I did not rescue the Jews from that situation. They long ago showed how incapable they were at governing themselves. I have guided your land and watched over you. Will I stop now? Who will bring repentance?

Be at peace. I will work things out for My glory. It will be better than you could ever imagine. Trust Me.

His favor is better than anything here on earth. He makes all thing turn out for good in His kingdom.

Rejoice and be glad for you are in My kingdom.


What is important to you? Is it comfort, security, the things of this world? What will last? Leaders rise and fall. Nations rise and fall. I AM. Have I cared for you in every situation? Yes, and I will continue to do so. Call upon Me. Live for Me doing what I desire for you.

I care about your nation, but I care about My people even more. Will they rise up and be a light in the darkness around them? I care about the lost, the hurting, the poor and needy, the outcast. I care about all of the people I created, young and old. Give Me your cares, for I am a caring God. My love motivates Me. My goodness compels Me. My love in you should give you power to help others.


Be at peace for I am at work. Those who meant to do harm will be exposed. I will be glorified in My people. Lies will be stopped with the truth. The wages of sin is death, but I have come to give life. Do not look to man. Look to Me.

Will your country turn to Me? We will see. Will your leaders humble themselves and call upon Me sincerely from their heart and not just for show?

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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