Men everywhere need a Savior, young and old. Most don’t even realize this truth. They have denied the conviction of sin and emptiness of their soul far too long. Can you pray for them?

I will begin to show you the meaning behind your dreams. It may just have a short parable-like meaning. Your old men will dream dreams. (Joel 2:28, Acts 2:17)

Your place is not over there, just be in support.


Open your heart to receive more from Me – more of My love and grace for others, more of My wisdom and understanding for others, more of My provision for others. Do you see how I work? I give gifts to My people so that they can be used for others, to bless them and to meet their needs. In the process you will be blessed too. You read about Paul passing on his knowledge to Timothy. Paul could see the fruit of his labors in others. In that he rejoiced.

The wages of sin is death but I have come to bring life. Life in My Son. You have the key to life. Share it with others.


I am Lord over My body, the people I have redeemed. I give My people gifts from My Spirit to help each other grow into the fulness of Christ. Encouragement and love lift up one’s spirit to heal the hurts of life. My promises found in My Word are only good for those who apply them in faith to their situation. Even though sometimes they choose a phrase meant for a specific people and time, My Word has life for all time. It is their faith and the prompting of My Spirit which brings life into My Word.

Do not be presumptuous with My words given to you. Let Me guide you as to how they should be shared. They have life for specific purposes. For you primarily, for certain others, for a broader community. I will lead you. If the word encourages and builds up, that is fine. If in sharing it, attention comes to you, that is not good. You are a vessel, a messenger. Even the wisdom I might give to you for another, should be shared with humility.

It pleases Me greatly when people believe. Faith is a precious gift. It is a rock and anchor for their souls.


You have a treasure to give away. You have knowledge of the Holy One. Everyone of My people can have this relationship with Me, if they would only seek Me. I will be found by those who believe in Me.

Be at peace. Focus on Me and not on yourself. I will protect you from harm. I will be glorified in you as you submit to Me.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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