A life must be exposed a dealt with to be clean. I will clean house by My Spirit within you. The fog is lifting. The smoke is clearing. You will see Me face to face in My righteousness and holiness. Evil exists, but it has no power, except what I allow. Do battle in My Name.

Give in to My Spirit. Let Him wash over you when you praise Me. Spend more time reading and studying My Word.


What is division? Is it rebellion? Or can it be a divided message? What is unity? Common purpose and values, a variety of people working toward the same goal. A team can produce more than individuals.

Keep your eyes focused on Me.


Three deadly sins of this age: ambition, apathy and anarchy. Ambition to get ahead of others in work and life; apathy – too lazy to get involved with others; anarchy – wanting to cast off all restraints to do evil. These are not for My people. My people die to self and live to serve others in humility, only to be noticed by Me. Love is the key to make this happen – My love empowering you to love the unlovely and needy. The spirit of this age is trying to dominate people, but My Spirit is greater and will overcome him. Look for breakthrough to happen in desperate situations as people pray and seek My face. I have the answer. I am the Answer.

Don’t be concerned for I am with you always. Just call upon Me.

You have the pieces on My gospel, do you have the whole of it? Is it within your heart to be like Me, to do what I did, to think like I thought, to be in prayer with My Father? You will be rewarded for your efforts as you seek Me.

Rest in Me and I will take care of the rest of things.


I will give you wisdom to know what to do, what I want you to do. Trust Me that when the time comes you will know. In the meantime, dig deep into My Word.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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