Those who live like kings will die like paupers. Yes, My Kingdom is at odds with the world, but it is the other way around. Your world has rebelled against My Kingdom. What is of value in your world is of little value in Mine. Wealth, status, appearance, title – all of these inflate the ego. But all of this will be lost at death. The man of humble means will be exalted. The servant of all will be rewarded in heaven.

There is safety in numbers, but only if the group is headed in the right direction with a common purpose. Sheep follow other sheep. Lead them. Shepherd them.


The voice of one crying in the wilderness – repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. Come to Me and I will show you the way of real life.

My Word is true for those who believe it. Others don’t understand and believe. They hide their eyes so as to not understand and believe. Pray against that.

This is a turbulent time, but I am with My people. Don’t be concerned with what you hear or see. My Word is true, and My will, will be done. I am Lord of all and overall all.


Does it take My Presence for miracles to happen? Yes, of course. I am the Miracle Worker. I am the God of the Universe. There is no one like Me. Bow your knee. Humble your heart.

I helped you today as I will do everyday as you seek Me. Be aware of the people around you. They are looking at you for you have what they need.


Look for the sources of information, not just the reporter. Don’t be a reporter with sloppy facts. Understand the whole truth. Make right judgments. Ask Me.


You are being tested to see if you are teachable. Is this email really yours or does it belong to your church? Let him give you advice. You might be surprised at the result. You might be surprised by his responses. Be careful with your words to him.

Be prepared and pray. Your words matter to him.


Will people turn to Me in their hardship? Perhaps for a while. Just like those in jail or prison, they turn to Me in their separation and need, but soon go back to their old ways when things get better. Revival comes when My people really pray for a concerted time. Are you desperate enough to sacrifice and pray?

Wait and see. The results are in My hand.


A new day and era. Enjoy the fruit of your labor. Understand what is My fruit in you. Fruit that will last and continue to bear fruit. You have influenced many for good. This will last. Look beyond what is natural. Look to My Kingdom and world.

The world is full of needs, needy people, desperate people, struggling to live. Those here with much complain in their vanity. What moves you to pray? Needs, people, bad news, someone you know.

Yes, fire destroys. I will come with fire to burn up the stubble. Out of the ashes will come new growth and life.

A man must die to himself to bring forth fruit into My Kingdom.

Open your eyes and see what I am doing. This is another transition time.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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