What does the future bring? Everyone wants to know this. I have the answer. For those who know Me, the future is bright and good, despite what is happening in this world. More chaos is coming. Peace will be hard to find for the unbeliever. Emptiness, grief, sorrow, fear will chase them. My people will stand out. You will live by faith, responding to My Spirit. More will have ears to hear like you. My Word will come alive as events take place described there.

The enemy will try all forms of deception and lies to mask truth from those who are perishing. Good and bad will be confused. You will be amazed at the foolishness. Elders will seem like children without sense. They will say one thing but do another. They will laugh at the outcome and blame others.

Good deeds open doors. Be ready. You are not young, but I will give you grace. Many have gone on before you and accomplished much. Be patient and you will see your reward as they did.


Look at Ps 91 and you will see the protection for My people. Yes, it for those of My people who put their trust in Me through faith. Isn’t everything of value done in My Kingdom done in faith? My promises must be claimed and acted upon in faith. Your prayers should be tied to My promises for them to have power. Yes, you can rely upon My overall goodness and love for My people. I love those who love and obey Me.


Be open to ideas, from Me and through others. Rescue the lost around you. Give them opportunity to choose Me. No one really needs to be a Prophet these days, for My Spirit has been poured out and many can hear.

This is a new season and a time to do new things. Be more than flexible, be creative.


Do you trust Me? Good, you are right, there is no one else.  Examine your heart. What are your motives for doing what you are doing?


I am here too. The lost are here in abundance. People are trying to hide from their lostness by getting away from their normal life. It doesn’t work for long. The emptiness comes back. Speak life and hope to lure them in.

Rejoice and believe in Me. Who am I to you? I am your Savior and Lord, your Redeemer and Friend. I love you and will care for you always.


Peace will come as you submit to Me and to your leaders. Do not resist them, but trust that I am leading them too.

Rejoice and believe in Me more than you have before. Teach your mind to believe.


There is a time and place for everything. Take the time to experience what I have made. The ocean is timeless with its constant waves and tidal action. It is vast compared to you. The sand pebbles are countless. My creatures exist and thrive in the environment I made for them. People are attracted to what I have made. It gives them peace. They find their place too.

The rocks hold their ground. No waves can pass by. A strong force against an immovable object. All of this I planned long ago. What man has made wears out, but what I do stands. Your life is but a whisper, yet you will live on forever with Me.

I am taking care of you. Pray for the lost.


You don’t have the answers for the country’s problems. Sin and sinful man create problems. I am the solution. My love and mercy and grace and justice are what people need.

In the beginning God created. I was there before the beginning. Can you grasp that truth? Can you understand the truth that I have – truth and life within Me. I am the standard, the plumb bob, the measuring tool, the Righteous One. Everything has it Source in Me. Oh the depths of the knowledge I contain. Just ask Me.

Live by faith and not by sight or what your emotions tell you. This pleases Me.


How can I help? If more were willing to help, the load would be lighter. Do you make room for others to help you? Are you a trail blazer, one who keeps the trail clear, or a trail sign? Do you lead others down the path?

I protected you today. I am guiding you to places you have not seen. Keep your eyes out for beautiful things. Things that man cannot make. I am taking care of both of you for My glory.


No weapon formed against you will prosper. I have you in My hand. Don’t be alarmed by the violence and destruction wicked people will do. This will not last. Don’t focus on it. Look to Me your provider and Savior. There is injustice all over the globe. But My righteous will shine out in a dark world.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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