You did well. Now be ready for more. My Son faced many people objecting to what He was doing and saying, and sadly it was the religious leaders who should have known better. But it was to be to accomplish My purposes in redeeming sinful man.

Were the leaders of My new church rebellious? They resisted the religious leaders, but they obeyed Me. They paid a price of persecution and even death. Are you willing to pay that price? Have you denied yourself and taken up your cross to follow Me?

Revival will come when you least expect it, for it is of Me and not of man. You may pray for it to come and I hear the prayers of My people. Prepare your hearts you sinners and repent, just like before Me Son came. A soft open heart is what I desire.


Unless a grain of wheat dies, it cannot produce new wheat. For you to be fruitful in My kingdom, you must die to the desires of your flesh, even daily, so you are focused on Me and not on the world.


I’m glad you choose Me over sleep. I will give you rest. What is happening in your world? I am preparing and testing My people. This is no small thing, this virus and the reaction to it, but what is coming is even more serious. Did I get your attention? Because this has gone on for a time, people have let down their guard, they have chosen sides – be careful or take risks, submit to those in authority or resist and defy orders.

Usually coming through a trial makes one stronger. Many have sought My direction for their lives during this and that is very good. It is a time to reset and change what you are doing. It is not about little changes, but new ways of thinking, new approaches, new ministry.

It is symbolic that you were kept outside of the building, where the world lives. Did you notice people anew, with fresh eyes? Yes, the masks get in the way. But everyone is on and equal plane of dealing with this new virus. No one really has the answer. Many are dying. Many are afraid of dying and this is good. I have given you summer weather to be outside. You are seeing your neighbors, even if at six feet. Show them love and concern. Don’t mock their fears, but engage them.

Many are ready to choose Me. The harvest field is ripe for the harvest. That is why I am teaching you to pray differently for the lost at this time. Yes, My Spirit is praying through you, but you need to put flesh and blood and passion in how you are praying. These are people who are lost without Me. This opportunity may not come again for many. Speak and engage and invite. They are ready. Pray and I will give you opportunities. Be bold and attentive.

She has a different idea and that is valid. My people need fellowship and support. They need teaching and prayer. That is My body, the church.


At night your senses can be better attuned to My voice. You are not thinking about other things. I never sleep and you won’t need to either. I have power that you need. You must focus in faith to use My power. Pray for people as if you know them. My Spirit will guide you with knowledge about them.

Rejoice with Me for people are waking up, physically and spiritually. Some will still turn to their feel good religion, but others will seek Me, looking for real meaning and purpose to their lives. Pray for them.

Yes, I am revealing a new path for you, which will renew your faith and give you joy. Respond in faith to what I say to you. You will challenged. Trust Me.

You will experience more of Me as you are willing to spend time listening. Time equals presence. Revelation will come, with understanding for others. Be open to what I reveal. Pray.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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