I will come when no one is expecting. Behold the King! Stay faithful in doing what I have called you to do. That is what is important. You are already prepared for that day.

Open up your eyes to the world around you with fresh awareness. What are people doing? Normal things of life, but why are they not storming into your churches and gatherings? They have already adapted to the virus. Some are so paralyzed with fear, they won’t go out. Fear is not a good motivator – it is too short-termed. No one understands eternal separation from Me. Even if they could grasp the horror of hell, would they truly serve Me and love Me? Or just want to escape that end? Show them My love and give them something they want and need.

My will, will be done for those who submit to Me. Are you one of those? Yes, but not always. But I am gracious and redeeming in My people.


Come to Me all who labor, let Me give you rest. Rest is important, not laziness, but not full of anxiety or fatigue. Purpose and peace will follow. Confidence in the final outcome being good and pleasing.

Give and it shall be given unto you. Share what is in your heart. People will take notice.

Be at peace. My world continues and so does yours. Expect new opportunities to come. Pray and seek My guidance.


Enjoy the fruit of your labors. It is good to be satisfied with the work you do and the fruit you produce. Be fruitful and multiply. They will know them by their fruits – whether good or bad. Sow seeds for life and not death. Build up and encourage and this fruit will return to you. Be an example.

The prophets of old had a singular message to give to leaders and peoples to keep them on My path when they strayed. You have a different message because I have spelled out My message in My Word. Your job is to remind them of My Truth. So you must put My Word in your heart, for yourself first of all, but also for others as you live it out.

You are living in exciting times. The more that trouble happens, the more that I can work. Don’t retreat, but pursue ahead sowing seeds of life to those you meet. They need to hear truth that brings hope.

Do you have the faith as small as a mustard seed? Could you trust Me like that man of faith? He knew Me because he spent time with Me. You are learning.


All things become new. I am the God of life. You will never find the limit to My creativity.

Speak what is true and holy and good. Lift up and not tear down. Encourage and support those doing well. Mourn with those who mourn. Rejoice with those who rejoice. This is a time to focus on what is important.

What is important to you? I’m glad, that is why I made you. That is what I want for My people – to know Me and love Me. I will be all that they need and more. Trust Me and see.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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