There is much to learn, but knowledge alone cannot change the heart of man. Some might be wise enough to pay attention, to heed the signs. The spirit within a man must change. He must be born again by the Holy Spirit by grace through faith in the Son of God.

Yes, the promise is restoration of eternal life which was lost in the fall of man. But to get that, a man’s sins must be forgiven and he receives forgiveness by believing what My Son did on the cross for him.

Eternal life is knowing Me and the Father, being with Us forever, in relationship by the Spirit. My Son made the way and is the Way. Learn from Him. I am the resurrection and the life, he who believes in Me shall not perish, but has eternal life.

Be at peace. This time will pass and order will be restored. Keep praying that good people are elected.


These are hard times for people. They have a fear of getting this virus and not surviving. Be wise and don’t make others fearful by your behavior. The enemy is trying to bring fear through the violence in the cities, and many are afraid. Pray against this move to overthrow governments and order. This is not normal.

Examine your heart. What motivates you? Yes, you want to do My will for your life, and you are doing it. What stirred in you to hear his testimony? Was it not that I can work in people’s lives to transform and bring life? My gifts and anointing are to help people. That is not for everyone, nor should it be the focus for every activity. This is a display of My power to draw people to Myself.

How many times did My Son repeat a parable? Some were given so certain people would hear prophetically to get them to look at their lives. The religious leaders were stubborn and prideful. They liked the power of their position. Like today, people are lusting after power. Other parables were to open the eyes of common folk who were seeking Me. Others were to show what My kingdom is like and to correct misconceptions and wrong teaching.

Be at peace for them. Let your mind come back to Me. My words bring life and health and focus.

The earth changes every day, but My love is constant for My people. I made man to know Me and to choose to love Me. I made you to love Me and to follow Me. Open your heart for more of My love and kindness. I hear your prayers.


Anarchy may succeed for a time, but it will always fail by the division within. Buildings and objects can be repaired or replaced. My Truth will reign. My gospel will continue to spread to the hungry hearts of man. Even rebels can be reached. How much meaning is there in destruction?

I will guide you. Wisdom comes from Me. Insight and understanding. Revelation and inspiration. Anointing in My Presence. This is what you can expect from Me.

My blessings are upon you for you are open to Me. A soft and tender heart is what I look for. You are not perfect, but I can help you.


What is valuable to you? Where is your treasure? Do you value our time together? This is abiding. Guard your mind and heart. Allow what is good and precious in. Dwell on these things.

Like a bee hovering in and around the blossoms, come near Me. Taste the nectar of My Words. Rejoice and be glad. Just sit in My Presence soaking in My glory. It was good when they said let us go to the house of the Lord.

My ways are best, and you know it. Trust Me to show you the way. My Spirit will lead you. Be sensitive to listen. An open door is not always from Me, so be asking.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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