What is truth? You have searched well for truth. I am Truth. I am the standard for life I created. How could it be any other way? Except the enemy tries to distort what I said and who I am. He fails. He will fail. The world is under the curse of sin, waiting to be freed on that day.

There is a way that seems to be right to a man, what a statement of independence and rebellion. I will let them rebel and reap the results of their rebellion. If they don’t want to be with Me, then that will be their fate. I love them. Let your mind focus on who I am and not on the situation in the world. Nothing is new about this, except that My people are off to the side watching. Wake up.

Friendship is good and necessary for people. I am your Friend too. I look forward to our time together and I hope you do too. You will be in My Presence for eternity. I think you will like seeing My glory.


Sometimes it takes sacrifice to hear a word from the Lord, other times it comes more naturally for the person who can hear. What if that was all you could hear was the voice of My Spirit? He would take what was Mine and speak it to you who knew His voice. Did My Son have to pause to ask Me what to do? He knew My heart and what I would do. He spent time with Me to learn. He often came to Me at night. Why was that? So He could more easily hear and have fellowship alone with Me. He was energized by Our time together. Look into why He prayed three times in the garden.

Someday you will see the universe, as much as you want. Stars are for signs in the sky for ages to see. How small are you in comparison, yet I know you and love you.


To obey is better than sacrifice. Mary, listening at My feet was better than being busy serving a meal. We all make choices everyday and some are better choices. I will help you make those choices for I know not only which is better, but which is best. My perspective is different from yours and My purposes are greater. Are you willing to accept My choice, My will for your life?

Today will be a day of decision. Call upon Me and I will help you. What will glorify Me? Who will be blessed? Everyday has decisions and choices to make. Develop a store of knowledge of who I am and what have I revealed, this will help you be wise in your choices. Some choices will test you. Others will be mundane and inconsequential.

Be careful what you use. Give truth but not opinion. Let Me fill your lips with truth and life. A gracious life is pleasing to all. A critical spirit turns away even friends. A confidence kept is much better than a story revealed. Honor your friendships and you will be honored.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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