To seek after truth and knowledge is good, but to seek after Me is better by far, for I am the Source of all that you need. Bring an offering of praise and thanks. Bring what you have to give in yourself.

Yes, I will guide you in many ways as you submit your will to Mine. Observation, then insight. Truth, knowledge, then wisdom. Caution, direction, then freedom. Somethings will come in twos, others in threes. Catalog, organize, filter, search.

Many lies are spoken today against My people and against Me. I will come and bring justice and truth. Lies not only deceive, but they can bring false hatred, hatred without any basis and personal reality. How can you win over your brother when you have done nothing to harm him? Division is the enemy of the church. Loves heals and restores, My love restores completely.


There is so much to life to know. I am your Source. It is as simple as that. Come to Me and I will teach you. As different as your life may be and as unique your current situation, I have been there. Is that comforting? If anyone lacks wisdom, let him come to Me and ask. My wisdom is simple, pure, peaceable and best. It will take your faith to respond to what I know.

It’s not that I will speak mysteries to you, you will understand clearly. You will exercise your faith to trust Me to move forward. The way not be all known, but if I am with you, does it matter? Did I not lead My people in the wilderness? There will be new opportunities you couldn’t have imagined before. I see the end from the beginning, and it is good, very good.

People are coping as they need to. You can grow and prosper because of My dealings with you and in you. Submit your will to Mine. Rescue the lost from perishing.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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