Is it too much to ask for you to seek Me throughout the day? I will speak to you words of life. I will comment on your life. This is what abiding with Me is all about. You will become so used to hearing My voice, that you can seek Me at any time in any place. Will you have to record everything I say? That is up to you.

When you are open to Me, good things will happen, for I am good. Be a blessing to others. Be creative. The days will come when people will long for the manifestation of the sons of God. That will happen when I come again to bring justice to the earth. Chaos will happen and people will be desperate for someone to bring order.

Will you be a watchman or a reporter? Who will search My Word for truth? Deception will come even to the elect, who are not informed with My Word. Seeds are being sown to bring doubt on everything. Be wise and careful, discerning the times. Still the gospel will be proclaimed throughout the whole world.


What are your thoughts about race? I made everyone, so I purposely made people different in size, shape and color of skin, level of intelligence, some with handicaps of mind and body. I called out the Jewish people to be separate. For some the skin color helped them in the climate they lived in. Some of the conditions were the result of sin by Adam and Eve. Some were strong and others weak. For many years, the people were one with one language. Because I could see how they were rebelling against Me, I divided them with different languages.

Because of sin there has always been a rivalry of peoples and nations, even warring and hatred. I sent My Son to heal that hatred, with the command to love one another as I have loved you and to love your neighbor as yourself. It takes the grace of God to overcome these divisions. Slavery, oppression and cruelty against one another is the extreme. I raised up deliverers to change laws and hearts.

Why do people war and fight? Why did Cain kill Abel? Sin stands in dark contrast with My holiness and righteousness. My justice demands punishment. My Son paid the price to cover sin for those who will believe.

Is racism systemic in every heart? Yes, but most can overcome and control it within by My grace. Love overcomes evil with good.

Did you feel good about sending that note? I think that will help her too. Be at peace. This will take time to heal on all sides.

Yes, how I can inspire My people to praise Me. It is a gift of the heart. Be mindful and learn from him. Making melody in the heart is more than a voice or tune. I am pleased with all My children’s voices. He is blessed to praise Me in this way.

I will lift up the dawn of a new day. Let the sun shine in. Rejoice and be glad for your King is coming with His angels and the host of heaven. What a day it will be for My people to see the victory displayed over sin and death and evil.

Israel, My land and My People. Someday it will all come together as one in Me. The world will mourn, but Me people will rejoice. Great is the Name of the Lord forevermore.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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