This is a season to pray more, being led by My Spirit, for larger issues – the church, nations, people groups. Individuals want and need prayer, and I will give them a testimony. Learn about a watchman, but more than to give a warning of coming danger. Discern the issues, the times and pray. It is a blending of prophet and intercessor and priest. Nehemiah, Daniel, Moses, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Elijah. I asked many of My prophets to pray. They advised kings.

Submit to the needs of the chaplaincy for this will lead to greater fruitfulness. Let Me guide you. This is an opportunity to shape the work into an effective ministry for the inmates and staff. This season of restriction will pass and many opportunities will abound and be fruitful.

The world is full of problems that only I can solve. Focus on Me and not the problems. I see the end from the beginning. I know what is in your heart. Give your fears over to Me.


There is a time to rejoice and a time to mourn. Life has its ups and downs. Do not minimize people’s pain and hurts. People experience the effects of evil and sin. Anyone suffering through bondage and slavery has almost permanent scars of the heart and mind. When that is reinforced through continuing prejudice and bias, it is hard to find healing for the soul. Only by My grace can a person forgive and heal.

Poverty enslaves. Imprisonment enslaves. Prostitution enslaves. Addiction enslaves. Power and wealth can enslave in a different way, corrupting the soul and mind. Pride reinforces bigotry. Sin enslaves until it is forgiven and released. Whom the Son sets free is free indeed. Only a forgiven person can truly forgive.

Hatred demeans the value of another, so that their life has little or no meaning, making the way for violence and even death. Hatred reinforces prejudice. Labeling a person in judgment without knowing the person is wrong and foolish. Look into the mirror and see if you want to be labeled. Even behavior does not define a person. I see the heart. I see the lostness of the soul.

No one is exempt from My love and grace to change and be reborn anew in My kingdom, even to the end. What made you seek after Me?

I brought you through that trial, though your patience was running out. Did you forget to pray? My grace is sufficient, but prayer helps. Rejoice and be glad for your name is recorded in heaven. It is easy to get distracted, so stay focused on Me. Let My Word wash over you.


Can you understand the importance and significance of what is going on today? This is significant to accomplish what is needed in My kingdom of people. Most people have been isolated so I could deal with each one separately. Have they called upon Me? Some have. Some don’t know what to do. Trials test what things are made of. Some rely on the pastor and those over them. Pastors are important in shaping the flock. But being a disciple is about a relationship with Me.

The prepared virgins were prepared because they had a relationship with Me and My Spirit. It seems hard when I said I do not know you to the others and barred them from entering. Were they lost forever? No, but did not partake of My celebration. I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Me.

Sometimes the decision point is yes or no, with nothing in between. There is no curve of righteousness, with one better than another. For it is My righteousness that counts, and you have it or you don’t. I give it freely, but you must receive it in My way. It doesn’t matter who or what you were before coming to Me, but only what you did when I confronted you with the opportunity to believe in Me. By My grace I may come many times to a person, because people are praying. I see the end from the beginning and sadly some will never bend their knee before Me, except when forced to do so, when the truth is made unmistakably clear to them.

I will show you truths that must be found with much searching and diligence. Parables hide the truth, so that by My Spirit it will be revealed to those who are searching after the truth found in Me. Do all the conditions relating to My kingdom have to be met before you can enter? No, but each has its application and meaning for certain people. I have created a variety of people, living in many varied conditions and times. In simplest terms, all who call upon Me will be saved. For others, it is a deeper choice. By My grace you may not realize it at the time the importance of your decision. I see the heart.

Be careful what you teach. Allow room for My Spirit to enlighten and explain to those with ears to hear and eyes to see. My revelations to you are both private and personal, but also for others to see. I think you realize this.

My cup runneth over – I am a God of abundance and blessing, especially for those who call upon My Name.


I will give you rest. Let your mind focus on who I am. I do not change, so My qualities remains the same. I am always available to you. I will speak to you as much as you are willing to listen. Whatever the subject, I can speak to you about it. I can reveal to you what I have already revealed in My Word, for that doesn’t change either.

I am not boring like looking at a rock. Consider a majestic mountain. It can remain fixed in place and thus from a particular location look the same. But when you bring changes of light and weather, the view will look different. Your view of the water in front of you, it will change in similar ways. It is interesting.

There is so much about who I am to reveal, that you can never exhaust seeking to know Me. Can you grasp how many creatures I have made and the uniqueness of their qualities over their lifespan and ages? Apply this to plant life. Apply this to peoples.

Consider My love for you and others. Think about all the ways I have shown love to those in the scriptures. As much as they may have rebelled, rejected, sinned against Me, I still loved them enough to forgive and heal and restore. My Son paid the price for all. So what is needed to receive My love, as vast and complete and full and able and willing to come? My love knows the heart. Is My love less because of My justice, people will suffer consequences for their sins as individuals and as peoples and nations? How does My grace come out of My love? How does My mercy come out of My love?

Can you be like Me? I have made you in My image and likeness. I have given you My Spirit.

Put your mind to work on the things of God. Let Me guide you. Resist the urge to get caught up in the affairs of this world, for it is fading away. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

I have given you much. Be careful not to miss what I am saying to you. Ask Me for understanding. I will teach you in the night. I will teach you in the day. Come to Me often.


What is today? How is it different than any other day? Where is your hope? Can you overcome fear? My people longed for the days of old, the familiar, the predictable. They wandered seemingly aimlessly in the wilderness, consuming time and people until the debt was paid. Is there a future? Is there a challenge? Were your activities merely something to do, or were they accomplishing something of value in My kingdom? If you are feeling this way, what are others experiencing? Can you lead them out of the wilderness into the promised land?

Just a short time ago, you sensed a new relationship with Me, as you came more often to listen. Has that changed? Are you still touched that I am willing to speak to you? Is this precious to you? Nothing will satisfy unless it comes from Me. I am the way, the truth and the life. I am life. I am the resurrection. I have the words of eternal life. Come follow Me. As you follow Me, lead others.

Pray with a new sense of purpose, not only in My Spirit, but as My Spirit directs you in English. Do you trust Me for your life? Pray for other leaders to draw them out of this too. The enemy has meant this to silence the church, to keep them from doing My kingdom work. When will My people rise up?

In other countries the threat of death is real, yet they continue on trusting Me. Sadly, this unseen threat has affected them as well. You are right to examine your life and to see what I see. It is good to refocus what you are doing. Much was just religious. The harvest field is all around you.

You long for My coming and this is good. There is much wrong in the world. People have come to the end of themselves. The sinful selfish nature of people is evident. Will My church, My people be a beacon of light, shining the way to life? Call upon My Spirit to empower you again.

There is a generation that is looking for purpose and meaning. All people have this need in them. When you came to Me, this was your need. You sensed a lack of purpose. When I came into your life, you wanted to follow Me down a new path. Everything became fresh and new in My kingdom. There was joy in your heart.

You have weathered the storms of life to this point and you will get through this time as well, stronger, more believing, more able to sense My leading. Each day can be a fresh array of opportunity and challenge. I have given you a platform, a voice to My people. Lead them as I lead you.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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