Listen and you will hear words of righteousness. If you obey, is that being righteous? Can you be righteous in yourself? Can you retain My righteousness if I give it to you? How can you overcome your sin nature from Adam?


I will tell you many things – about yourself and about others. Are you ready? Watch out for your neighbor, your brother in the Lord, your friend, your enemy. Stand in the gap for them. Defend them. Call upon Me for mercy and forgiveness. Did I not say? – Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. Can you bear their shame before Me? This is who a real intercessor is. If you never do another thing, is that OK, except to pray? Make that your priority.

Learn from the prophets of old. They had to be selfless. None of them wanted to be a prophet. It did not bring honor, but shame. People don’t want to really hear what I have to say, for I can speak mysteries about the future, expose sin, demand holiness, speak words of life – that will bring forth the life I desire. Does it take faith to hear? Yes, but more to speak what you hear. Do not expect your leaders to follow Me. Yet I will guide them to accomplish My purposes. I can turn everything and any thing into good. Hardship brings correction in righteousness. People listen when they are desperate. Will they repent? Will you repent?

You learned the desires of your boss. My Word reveals Truth and I do not change. Dig for the Truth, as My Spirit reveals.

Mention them before Me. Carry their burdens. Everyone needs what I have to give – what I gave on the cross at a price. Saturate your mind with My Word. Replace the evil thoughts with Truth and Life.


Be careful and wise. Let Me guide you. Can you see the growth in the Spirit I have taken you? You have influenced many for good, but there is more that you can do. You cannot rest on what you have done in the past, except for giving your life over to Me in faith, believing Me for your salvation and eternal life. Every day is a new opportunity. Finish strong maintaining your faith to the end. Allow My Spirit to stretch you forward, closer to Me and My ways. You have the mind of Christ.


I will come when no one is expecting Me to come. I will come to My own in all My glory with My angels and those who have put their faith in Me from ages past to the present. It will seem like a comet with those following Me full of My radiance. The skies will be darkened. My people will see and turn to Me. Everything will seem to stand still on that day. Every eye will see Me. My enemies will face judgment and justice. I will restore what the enemy has made corrupt with sin. My new world will come to glorify Me forever. A new gospel of the kingdom will be established on the hearts of man. Time will stop and restart anew. Men will hide in fear, but there will be no hiding. All will give account. The righteous will shine with My glory in their hearts.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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