In all things and ways give Me praise.

Simple truth that never changes.


You alone are worthy of praise and thanks. You made us in Your image with a desire to know You. You have revealed Yourself to us and made a relationship possible through the righteousness of Jesus’ blood, shed for us on the cross, forgiving our sins. You promise us life here on earth and forevermore in heaven with You.

These will be trying times for all who live on the earth. Be patient. This is not the end as you might wonder, but a foretaste of things to come. Men will fear, but they will forget and return to their life of sin as before. In My mercy I will spare many, yet some will face death in their souls.


I am with you to prosper you in the realm of the Spirit. Your ears will hear truth and wisdom. Spend more time in My Word and let Me teach you. Understanding comes as the lies of this corrupt world are replaced with truth from My Word. The end is near for the lost, rescue them with your testimony.


Are you ready? Life will go on, but will this event change you or will you go back to business as usual? How close to death are you? Everyone will die at some point. You have prayed for Me to remove the divisiveness in your land. Will this crisis bring you together? The enemy has sown many lies and people are deceived. But My people are complacent, self-focused on their own world. Repent and pray. Call upon Me.

I am near with My hands outstretched to a stubborn and willful people. I am merciful and gracious, yes, and also, holy and righteous. I am jealous too. I will visit you to see what you are made of. It is better for you to seek after Me as much as you can. I will notice and reveal Myself to you. My Spirit will change your heart. I love you. I have always loved you.

Prayer takes discipline and perseverance. Allow My Spirit to pray through you. How much do you care about hurting people? If you are willing to do a kind act for another, can you not also do a more important deed of praying for their soul?


Review your messages. Where can truth be found? Even if you don’t remember everything, your records can remind you. My Word can remind you.


The efforts of man will fail. The sinfulness of man will become apparent to all – rebellion, selfishness, greed, hatred. I am isolating My church to expose the emptiness of their programs to reach the lost and care for the flock. My people must now find new ways to do My business. How important is prayer to you? Do you know how to witness to another person? How can you show love to another in need? Revival comes out of need. When the need is great enough, people will cry out to Me.

I will provide for those in need as they turn to Me. Will you be ready for the harvest when this crisis ends? Are you sowing now for the harvest? A grain of wheat must die before it can multiply.

Families are being reunited again. Can they function as a family together? Can the parents teach the children? Is there love and respect? Can they find the bonds which hold a family as one?

When will your leaders call for prayer? When will they pray before the people? I am waiting and watching.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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