Take a moment to think about who I AM. If I AM everything forever from ever to evermore, is there anything I do not fully know? Is there any power greater than I AM? Can you change Me, you who were created by My grace in this time and place? I AM with you, just as I was with Moses, just as I was with Jesus, My Son. Can you understand this? No, but you can imagine and think about this truth. What holds you back from Me? Yes, your sin and sinfulness. Take on the righteousness of My Son. Accept and believe who you are in Christ.


I have many promises for you and My people, promises to believe and claim as your own truth. You can spend a lifetime of growing in the knowledge of the One who loves you. Perfect love casts out fear. Truth combined with faith banishes all doubt and unbelief.


The wisdom of man can be foolish and shortsighted. A fool will say anything until corrected. They won’t understand what is true.  


Walk with Me. Listen to what I have for you each day. Love Me in your heart, mind and soul. You have been given much, so give what you know and have to others who are seeking Me.


What can I say beyond what has been revealed in My Word? Will you believe? The truth of My Word is evident by the events and people of history. How many people have I related to? Is it not everyone who has been conceived in their mother’s womb? Even the life within the animals, birds and fish, insects, microscopic life, plants and everything created to live on the face of this earth.


There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is death. Man left to himself will always fail for there is no good in him. He rebels against all truth and wisdom. He pretends to know Me, but I am far from him. He is not fighting against you, though you are in the way as My representative. You saw three fools in their folly, reaping the injustice they deserve until they bend their knee before Me.


What does it mean to be My disciple? They will know that you are My disciples if you have love for one another. I want you to be making disciples in all peoples of this world. I want you to bear fruit that will last. I want you to be My witnesses telling others of what I have done in your life. My disciples do what I have done, empowered by My Spirit, and even greater things than what I have done. My disciples will be connected to My Father.


My heart is for you. Where is your heart? Faith is the evidence of things not seen. How strong is your faith? You believe in Me, but how strong is that belief?


Seek after Me with all of your heart. Make it known about what I have done in you.


In all things bring forth praise to the One who created you. It is not about you, the one who was created, but the Creator and Life-giver. When you cross over from death to Life, you will see and know the purpose of your life and the real Purpose of Life. Life is not an experiment, but grace and truth, kindness and mercy, love and justice – all of who I AM. As much as you can, seek to know Me.


I have taken care of you. You know this. Be at peace. Continue to pray and intercede for the lost and hurting, just as if you want others to pray for you and your family.


One day at a time. Is that good enough for you. Can you accept what I bring to you each day? Yes, you can plan for the future, but each day is unique with opportunities, sometimes both good and bad. Choices to make, people to interact with, hearing from My Spirit, creation alive around you. How much of your life will you allow Me to be a part of? How important am I to you?


Lightning will display My glory and power. Just imagine how much glory and power I will show when I return. No one will doubt who I AM on that day. Mouths will be shut up. Lying tongues will cease. All will be compelled to fall flat on the ground. All power sources will be shut down. Even the animals will look upon their Creator in wonder.


I will come in My glory, but first I will revive My church to be ready for that day, even now. Just as John came to prepare the way, so too will My Spirit be poured out to prepare My people. Pray and seek after Me. There is nothing hidden which will not be revealed. My Truth will reign.


My grace is always with Me, because what I have done and made needs grace. Grace is like love and is only present where there is love. Judgment is the opposite of grace and mercy. The enemy condemns, but I redeem through forgiveness and love. My Son paid the ransom price – the price of His blood shed on the cross.


Life in all of its fullness, life spent in relationship with Me for eternity. This is what you have in Me. And more if you will seek after Me.


Bring your issues to Me. Why hold on to them? I can do much more than you can imagine or think.


I have the world in My hand. I will decide the fate of the world and the timing of its demise. I have a new heaven and a new earth to replace it. Why put new wine into old wineskins? All creation is groaning in expectation waiting for the sons of God to be revealed in glory.  

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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