Be open to change. Be led by My Spirit. Who is your audience? Let Me do the work. No one is above Me. Unless the Lord builds the house, they that labor, labor in vain.


Prepare like a good teacher, proclaiming the truth, the spiritual meaning and application. My Spirit will take the scripture and your explanation and use them to penetrate hearts. I am the Teacher. My disciples follow Me to learn My ways. I give them truth and I empower them to do what I do. Be like Me in every way. I am your Example. For some it is do what I say, but I say do what I say and do what I do. Let your private life reflect a man of integrity, matching your public life.


Watch and pray. Bring before Me the people you meet, the people you know, the situations which are difficult. Bring a heart of thanksgiving and praise. Confident in who I AM and what I can do.


Be real. Be honest and truthful. You are in the process of living for Me just as everyone else.  


What is right and just and true and dependable? My Word. My Spirit.


I am with you. Do not forsake Me with your words. Speak the Life that I give. Be ready to give a reason for your faith. Witness to the broken, the hurting, the rich and the poor.


I am with you. Be at peace today. Share what is in your heart to the men.


Be gentle and kind. Speak the truth in love, not in judgement. You are an example for good and bad. Let My Spirit teach the men by pointing them to areas of their lives, which are successes and shortfalls.


Be loving and supportive, paying attention to her and her needs. Pray for her. When you focus on others you can learn My heart.


Break forth in joyful singing. Give your life away freely and willingly to Me and to something eternal.


Where darkness is present, sin is present. Man needs the Light to show him the way of salvation. Point men to the Light. Be like John who prepared hearts with repentance and recognition of sin. Do not condemn, but speak life.


Listen for My voice always in every situation and need. My wisdom is available. You can see and know what I know. Even as you read My Word, I can help with understanding. Why be foolish with only what you know? Seek My kingdom first and My righteousness. Truth can be known. My will can be known. My wisdom can be known. Pray for understanding for the future and also for what has happened in the past.  


Take advantage of the life I have given you. Live for Me and reap the rewards of your labor. Enjoy the wife of your youth. Celebrate the victories. What is a party but good friends and good food? You are My friend.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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